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Posted 11/27/13 , edited 11/27/13
Hellos :)

My nexus 10 updated to 4.4 kitkat earlier on today. Since then the crunchyroll anime and drama app in short no longer likes working.
It breaks on opening the app, During video playback, After the video has finished. As well as looking at the popular anime section and the saved queue and history.
The app will load some thumbnails and load more titles then freeze tapping anywhere on the tablet brings up a message that says "Unfortunately crunchyroll has stopped "report | ok" ". Tapping either just reloads the app then it repeats.
It even does it when all the thumbnails are loaded when you go to scroll back to the top eg in current simulcasts.
I have sent in a few reports just in case it was a different fault each time. Do you guys get sent them or do they go to google?
One was on opening the app another was during a video and the final was after the video had finished.
I know it isn't really the apps fault as until today it worked fine on 4.3.
So its something in the 4.4 build for the nexus 10.

Phone Model: nexus 10
Streaming Via: Wi Fi
Service Provider:
Android OS: 4.4 (build KRT16S)
App Version: 0.9.0

I have tried clearing cache, uninstalling and re installing the app still the same.
I attempted to have a play around in case I had anymore to add while writing this.
It appears it's a lot more stable with the thumbnails turned off. So if anyone has similar problems on 4.4 try seeing if turning thumbnails off helps them.

If you require any more info let me know. Or if you know what is maybe doing causing the app to do this then let me know. :)

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Posted 11/27/13 , edited 11/27/13
If Crunchyroll is important to you I strongly suggest rolling back to 4.3, rooting the device, installing flash and using AOSP browser to view content.

It's basically SD resolution vs 1080p and on a 10" tablet SD looks horrible.

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Posted 12/4/13 , edited 12/4/13
Some nice folk have modified the flash apk to work with 4.4

Follow the instructions in the the link below and use the website, 1080p running smoothly and should look great on a 10" tablet.

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Posted 12/11/13 , edited 12/12/13
using unofficial software is always unwise, especially when it comes to flash. The reason adobe stopped supporting flash for android is because they had to make a special flavor of flash for every version of android out there. So while flash may work with a specific device running 4.4 it may not run well on another device of a different manufacturer also running 4.4.

Anyway I'm on here to post that CR app also crashes on startup on Nexus 7 after updating to 4.4, please fix this.

The problem i encounter though is the app crashes only after logging in, i can use it as a free user.

hey OP have you tried going into settings >Apps > CR and clearing the cache?
Posted 12/13/13 , edited 12/13/13
Yep! While I was writing my post I tried everything I could think of clearing cache uninstalling reinstalling logging out and back in, turning it off and on again. Asking it nicely and then yelling at it.

Turning off thumbnails that made the app stable for me. Hasn't crashed since well except for the time I turned thumbnails back on. Which was after the tablet upgraded to 4.4.2 just to see if something in the update fixed the app crashing problem, it didn't.

Once I got confirmation from a 3rd party developer that the modified adobe flash file + dolphin jetpack was safe I installed it. Worked better then my desktop does on 1080p for some reason.

As it stands I can't really watch 1080p things on the nexus though.
I use mostly my nexus with tethering while I'm out more then a in home device and my phone gets 50Mbit+ LTE connection where I go but a really small data allowance. Like in the range of a few hundred MB a month. :(
So the 360p app is quite helpful to me.
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Posted 12/28/13 , edited 12/28/13
Is this being looked at? I have a nexus 10 and it is very irritating not being able to use it for crunchyroll as it has one of the best screens out there. I saw this thread posted and have waited for 15 days and there has never been a response yet.
Posted 12/28/13 , edited 12/28/13
As of version 0.93 released December 17, 2013 the problem was fixed for me.
It's been great and hasn't crashed since in either browsing the library with thumbnails on or while playing videos. Though due to this time of year I haven't really been using the app all that much.
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