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5.Background: (No unknown will be allowed this time u must put something down)



8.World:( Character is from)

9.Appearance: (u can use a description but a picture would be preferred also)
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1.Name: Ace Maou



4.Personality: Kind, Gentle, Distant, Meticulous, Cold (at times)

5.Background:Is the demon king of Ente Isla and was run out from his world by the Hero named Emilia

6.Powers/Abilities: Unknown.

7.Other: Is mostly in his human form unless supplied with a certain amount of magic before being able to retain demon form

8.World: Ente Isla (Currently: Earth)



1.Name:Shiro Ashiya



4.Personality:Loyal, Fierce, Kind, Gentle, Cold (at times), Meticulous

5.Background:Is one of the four generals of Ente Isla, along side Lucifer and 2 others and is Maou's most faithful general


7.Other:Since coming to earth Shiro is always in his human form unless supplied with a certain amount of magic before being able to retain demon form.

8.World:Ente Isla (Currently: Earth)






4.Personality:Cold, can be heartless, Calm (at times), Gentle (at times)

5.Background:Much about his past is unknown, all except he trusts no one, prefers to work alone and is also a former ninja



8.World: Rebellust

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Name: Isaac
Gender: Male
Age: 20

race: Human

Personality: some what quiet and have a mental psychotic mind. He plays with people's mind (he plays along until the time is right, he goes for the kill.) He has no heart on killing after what happen when his military demoted and became dishonor by his own land.

Power/abilities: he uses stasis to slow his enemies down, also uses kenesis to move object from one place or another. He also haves mobility and great agility. He has a jet pack attached on his armor. strength to pick up a vehicle like ground not large ones just plain like cars.

Background: He is ordinary young man that was an out law, a thief, a mercenary. So his family was captured by the law men and tutored and killed. He was given mark on his left hand. The burn skin morph to an image call the mark of the outsider.he plans to take vengeance on his family.

Other: unknown

World: alternate universe

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1.Name; reisha nickname rue



4.Personality:cold and cruel but can be kind and loves sweet things

5.Background: A young child that was raised as a priestess on her world.

6.Powers/Abilities: controlling fire darkness and ice and a enchanting singing voice

8;World: Ar Ciel

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Name Artimus

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Personality: Short tempered, arrogant, fool hardy, Headstrong

Background: Took a trip to Japan, without anyone knowing, however due to his lack of preparation, things have gone fairly pear shaped. (where ever the roleplay takes place, I'll also add more to this reallly soon)

Powers/Abilities: Above average reactions, Above agility

World: Earth


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4.Personality:quiet irritated shy respectful tired careless

5.Background: tomoe is really bored of everyone and everything. he likes to make humans a play toy or just to have someone whos atleast fun to be around. he doesn't understand human feelings and what not. long ago he use to wreck villages and make everyone screech and burn to death from his fox fire. but he never told anyone who he really was due to fear. he was wanted everywhere he went. beign a yokai wasn't anything new though. his family was murdered on the night he was born and tomoe was missing after they were murdered. tomoe hates his past but will he be able to get revenge

6.Powers/Abilities:fox fire, teleport, summoning

7.Other:he cant go in the water

8.World:the other side

9.Appearance: normal fox form
youkai form

Name: mina

gender: female


personality: cold quiet sometimes loud shy creative

backround: she was a fierce murderer. she was wanted everywhere. she was known as the spirit who lets people get revenge on something. she was very quiet at the time until someone summoned her. she doesn't yet know who but she wonders who it could be. she was born underground. but her whole family left her and abandon there home. she was lost scared and didn't know where else to go. until...she found a small place where she will try and hold her peace

powers/abilities: acrobatics, knives, spirit spells, revenge

other: she gets scared fire

world:mikage shrine underground

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