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Posted 11/29/13 , edited 11/29/13
It looks like a new Flash player is in the works. Apart from making the streaming more smooth, I'd like to request some features.

1. Have a global account setting to disable/enable the autoplay function. It seems to be cookie based right now and I have to occasionally re-disable it. I'd like a way to permanently disable it.
2. Allow the forward/backward jump using the arrow keys to be adjustable. I'd like to set it to 5 second jumps.
3. Have some sort of scanning feature when click and dragging left or right on the video. Similar to what MX Player on Android does with swipe gestures. If possible, I'd like to be able adjust how much it scans per unit of distance (ie. pixels or inches).
4. Put markers to let users know the boundaries of the video. For example, opening, actual episode content, maybe the middle portion where some shows have something when going into/out of the commercial break, credits, after credits episode content and the preview at the end. Also, provide a jump button and a keyboard shortcut for jumping between markers. Maybe even add a right click or slideout menu for choosing the markers with labels.
5. Test Linux support and post any known issues (same for Windows I guess). I use Firefox on Linux and it's stuck on an old version (bug and security fixes are still provided though) and the f key doesn't work to make the video full screen. I sometimes use Chromium with the the Pepper Flash plugin but videos are blocky in full screen (not a Crunchyroll issue). As for Firefox, I can understand putting support for it as low priority due to the old flash version.
6. Maybe add an option to set the timeout for when the OSD hides. Right now, it's kind of too short when I'm trying to move the time position.

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Posted 12/15/13 , edited 12/16/13
+1 for 2 - 4!
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Posted 12/23/13 , edited 12/23/13
I like 1-4 for the site.

I'd like number 3 on the iPad too. Moving through the video using the progress bar is too difficult especially if I only want to go back 3 seconds. It's way too sensitive. Having a horizontal sliding gesture with an adjustable sensitivity level would be very useful for me since I go back 3-5 seconds several times when I watch a video (I end up going back 20-30 seconds and have to wait for the part I actually wanted to see). A visual indicator of how much I go back/forward would be nice like updating the video itself and a +- time from the current position.

Also pausing/playing the video by tapping the screen would be nice.
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