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CR Black Friday 12 month Plan
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Posted 12/2/13 , edited 12/3/13
It is not whether it is a bad deal or good deal, It is the fact that it said 50% off an annual subscription. current annual subscription is $99 & 50% off is ~$50. I still think it is a good deal, it is just not the deal they advertised. Now you can go and say it is 50% off of paying monthly for 12 months, but that is not what the ad said, it said 50% off an annual subscription. There is a big difference.

Again I love CR, I watch something on it everyday.

30% off annual is still good deal.

The bottom line is, I do not like misleading or false advertising from any company whether I love the company or not.

You guys can argue the point if you like, but I am 100% correct on this matter.

Anyways sale is over and I doubt they will fix their mistake. Just in future please make sure you are clear in your advertising and not misleading. It is very disappointing.
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