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Posted 11/29/13 , edited 12/30/14
  • Allow Manga's to be added to the "queue" area, this would also mean having two new tabs in the queue called "shows" and "comics" or whatever you wanna call them
  • Allow the arrow keys to be used while reading manga, so right arrow key would be used to go back and left arrow key can be used to go forward and maybe up and down can be used to zoom in and out too.
  • Get more Partnerships with manga companies, like maybe get a partnership with "Shueisha" so users can read more manga than provided at the moment
  • Instead of having only half/ recent capters of a manga, you should provide all chapters of said manga
Posted 11/29/13 , edited 11/30/13
expand the selection of manga available to read. As it is it's not really worth paying the additional fee to be able to access it. Also, I don't think it's good to only provide less than half of a series. Kimi no Iru Machi is missing 222 chapters.
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