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* Players start spawning out in the combat zone. Surrounded by Brier Weasels, they must escape to Akihabara.

* Players escape death except Kaito who sacrifices himself to buy time for the others to escape. Everyone meets at the front entrance to Akihabara.

* Players exchange contact information and head their separate ways.

* Vosmeer goes off on his own to scout for information on Elder Tale.

* Wolf decides to search for Kaito. Amon tags along with Wolf.

* Algodis gets himself lost trying to find a map.

* Shade goes off on his own to kill some goblins for easy gold.

* Kaito spawns.

* Amon and Wolf notice a player spawning in the cathedral.

* Algodis finally figures out where the maps are, but he doesn't have enough gold. While he's walking around in an alleyway, he is knocked out, and his exp pots are stolen from him.

* Kaito hears the commotion and sees two adventurers above level 30 walk out of the alleyway with smiles on their faces. Kaito fights them.

* Shade comes in and fights one of them.

* Amon disappears.

* Wolf appears at the scene and stops the fight. The exp potions are not returned.

* Algodis, Kaito, Shade, and Wolf head toward the combat zone again to get gold and experience.

* Algodis and Wolf accept quests, and Algodis joins Wolf's party. Shade accepts quests and heads out alone. Kaito heads out alone to the combat zone.

* Shade comes back to Akihabara to buy equipment and materials.

* Kaito messages everyone to meet at Akihabara Central Bar.

* Shade gets a falcon for completing a secret quest. He also buys a shirt.

* Kaito comes back to Akihabara to buy equipment and materials. He goes to the Akihabara Central Bar.

* Kaito, Algodis, Vosmeer, and Wolf meet at Akihabara Central Bar.

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