Your Spartan's story?
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Posted 12/3/13 , edited 12/4/13
This is a popular thread among the Halo communities so I'm sure you've seen it before. Anyway basically give some background to your SPARTAN-II or whatever generation you want it to be. Just fill out the questions below.

1. Generation?


2. Home world?


3. Spartan Rank?


4. Status? Active? MIA? KIA?

MIA last seen fighting the Flood on Draetheus V

5. Service tag?

Spartan- 187

6. Armor?

Helmet: MK V

Chestplate: Prefect

Left Shoulder: Ricochet

Right Shoulder: MK 5

Arms: MK V

Legs: ODST

Visor: Legendary

Color 1: White

Color 2: Blue

7. Preferred role in squad? Sniper? Heavy gunner?

8. Why did he join the war?

9. Squad name?

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