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Posted 12/3/13 , edited 12/4/13
This is a popular thread among the Halo communities so I'm sure you've seen it before. Anyway basically give some background to your SPARTAN-IV. Just fill out the questions below.



Home world:

Spartan Rank:




Why did he/she join the war?

Fire team name:

Role in the fireteam? Sniper? Heavy gunner?

Status? Active? MIA? KIA?

My Spartan

Name: SPARTAN Stephen-137

Age: 37

Home world: Harvest

Spartan Rank: SR-130

Commander: Sarah Palmer

Engagements: Battle of Fumirole, Fall of Reach, First Battle of Earth, Battle of Installation 00, Battle of Draetheus V, various Spartan Ops

Armor: Likes to mix and match

Why did he join the war? After loosing his family on Harvest in the early stages of the war Stephen trained to be one of the best ODSTs and was hand picked to be one of the fist SPARTAN-IV soldiers.

Fire team name: Fire team Dusk

Role in fire team? Sniper? Heavy gunner? Fire team leader, uses whatever weapon he can find but prefers assault rifle ad shotguns.

Status? Active? MIA? KIA? MIA last seen fighting the Flood on Draetheus V
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