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Posted 12/5/13 , edited 12/5/13

Much like how Bungie day is on the seventh day of the seventh month (July 7th) 343 has it's own holiday on the 343rd day of the year!

343 day will be on Monday December 9th, 2013. On this day two things will be given out for those who play a War Games or Spartan Ops mission. The two items are the Commando helmet and the Resistor perk (which allows players to retain full mobility when taking fire for a few moments) from the Champions bundle! The Commando helmet will be a one day only reward while Resistor will be free after the 9th so be sure to hop on! I only need to win about 75 more Dominion games to get the full armor so I'll have to grind throughout the weekend!

343 Day will have its very own playlist, complete with a new game type: Speed Slayer. Speed Slayer features increased player speed, 6 vs. 6 combat, and the below settings.

Speed Slayer is a fun, fast-paced game type which will also give you the opportunity to experience the benefits of Resistor, and help decide if and how you’d like to build the Tactical Package into one of your Loadouts. Head into Matchmaking on Monday and let us know your thoughts on the game type!

Speed Slayer

• 6 vs. 6 Team Slayer
• Score to win: 800
• 130% player speed
• Preset Loadouts, each equipped with Resistor and Mobility
• Initial Ordnance enabled, Random and Personal Ordnance disabled

The game type will be featured on the following maps:

• Longbow
• Complex
• Daybreak
• Exile
• Outcast
• Meltdown
• Harvest
• Wreckage
• Vortex
• Vertigo
• Perdition
• Ragnarok
• Shatter

Also coming Monday is an official Race gametype!

I will be on for most of the day and possibly the night if you wish to join me in the fun my gamertag will be posted below.

My gamertag: RUL MonkeyxMoo35, I do not own a headset therefore cannot communicate besides messaging.
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