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Posted 12/5/13 , edited 12/5/13
This I think is my first post on this forum if I'm not mistaken? Can't remember.

Anyways, I'm wondering since I have read the manga up to this point in the Anime.

I love getting to watch the things I read in the manga happen. But also it's like what? 1-2 years since the manga got to this point?

Any advice what to do?:P I want to know whats going to happen, I haven't even checked how many chapters there are of the manga now.

How far is it ahead?

What would you do assuming you have read all the manga and watching the anime when it comes out?

Would you roll back you'r memory so you could be excited about what's happening again? Or would you stay the same and enjoy the extra info you get in the manga while watching the anime?


Edit; Just noticed I didn't post this in the "Naruto" forum. I'll copy it there so any mod can delete this thread.
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Posted 12/5/13 , edited 12/5/13
If your asking on whether or not to read through the manga, then the answer is:

READ ALL THE MANGA. The manga is almost finished and it's at a really awesome point right now. Also, even though you know what's going to happen in the anime, it's always different when it's animated and it's cool seeing all those fight scenes come to life.

So read through all the manga! It's more than worth it.
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