(。 Rules & FAQ 。)

Posted 12/6/13 , edited 12/6/13
Please make sure you follow & remember the rules before engaging in group activity.

- Do not use too much vulgar language, we want this group
to be enjoyable for majority of the people here.

- Do not bring your drama to this group, it's 100% drama
free and a place to relax and have fun.

- I strongly encourage you to only join if you plan on
being active so the group doesn't die.

- Use correct grammar and respond to the group members
with respect, it'd be much appreciated.

- The group will have brutal, sometimes sexual acts, if you're
under 15 I don't recommend this group for you.

- Do not post spam or other things to clutter the forums,
you will get banned.

- Upon joining, when you make your character, write " ✪ terra de sienna " somewhere
so I know that you read the rules. ( simply copy the icon as well. )

- If you have any questions about the group, please don't hesitate to PM the creator.

- Over-all, just enjoy yourselves but keep in mind for 15+ audiences.

Have any questions?

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