Demon Love Spell Thoughts
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Posted 12/7/13 , edited 12/8/13
I've just recently started reading a new manga series called Demon Love Spell, which has 5 volumes out right now. I've read volumes 1-4 and will be starting on volume 5, which I bought a couple of days ago.

Basically I just want to know if any of you guys have been reading this series and if you have, what your thoughts are on it. Simple as that! :)

I personally am enjoying this series very much, though it is A LOT more......erotic (if that's the right word for it ^^")...than I originally thought it was going to be. I'll be honest, I only got the series because the art looked pretty on the covers, but the story isn't half bad, the characters are good, and the concept is definitely...interesting lol ^^".

***If there is already a thread for this, then lock it please. Thanks!***
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Posted 12/8/13 , edited 12/8/13
I think I read it awhile ago but can't recall much on it. The main guy is typical although I think Miko is better than typical naive female protagonist. Also from what I recall, every chapter contained a lot of pages so I put it on-hold for awhile now. Might get back to it someday though.
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