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Posted 12/8/13 , edited 12/8/13
Wow, so I have a serious question, and I have not been able to find where i can get a answer.

I recently started a blog, and was writing a post over a recent anime I've been watching. I had just barely started to look for images of the series when it dawned on me.

Thier most assuredly copyrighted....right?

I decided to look how i could possibly post a image of a anime series that i'm discussing.

I mean i post my own images that i take with my personal camera, i don't know how i would go about posting a image of a anime. I see a lot of other bloggers do it, but i never see them give credit to it. Which i know isn't right.

I'm looking for any blogger who may be on here, who actually posts images of anime series or anyone who can give me advice on how to properly use a image of any anime series on a blog

I don't wanna get smacked with a copyright infringement letter later on
Posted 12/10/13 , edited 12/10/13
go get familiar with fair use and the USPTO/Copywright Office
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Posted 12/29/13 , edited 12/30/13
^ This guy is very smart.
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