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Any reggae/dancehall fans?
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Posted 4/5/14 , edited 4/5/14
I enjoy raggae but haven't really found any artists that I really like. I enjoy ska a lot more, though.
Posted 4/10/14 , edited 4/10/14

Mister_Mushroom wrote:

I enjoy raggae but haven't really found any artists that I really like. I enjoy ska a lot more, though.

thats understandable there are many artists, different styles, and lyrics content. If you need help looking for new songs im the man to go to. It really matter what kind of reggae you want something more roots rock like marly, garnett silk, or peter tosh (this would mainly 60-80s reggae there isnt a whole lot new roots rock type reggae) chronixx is a new artist who is bringing reggae back he is really good. Then there is dancehall which is more like party music but not really. i dont know how to explain it but there is different stages to dancehall. There is the olders 80s-90s dancehall which has more of a roots rock feel to it and there is the new dancehall that has more of a hip hop feel to it, but then again to say its like hip hop is wrong cuz hip hop/rap comes from reggae/dancehall its just more of a reference. ill post a couple links to give you and idea of the different sounds. Also the difference in lyrical content is roots rock is more about life, thanks and praise, and lovers rockers. Dancehall lyrical content is also about sometimes thanks and praise, but more about life, partying and good bit about guns and gangster life.

Roots Rock Reggae: Garnett Silk-Bless Me (garnett silk was talented and supposed to be the next bob marley but him and his family died in a freak acciedent. they were at their grandmas house and the gas tank exploded killing everyone)

New roots rock reggae: Chronixx-Here comes trouble (chronixx is a new artist who has more of a roots rock style and is very good. i suggest checking what songs he has there all pretty good) (warrior, take it easy(freestyle), and champion)

Oldschool dancehall: Tenor Saw- Ring the Alarm (this one is the easier type of dancehall, this style is generally associated with 80s and 90s dancehall. this one is more of a party song)
Cutty ranks-Gunman Lyrics (oldschool ganster type)
Mad Cobra-Flex (you might have heard this one on the radio, i know it plays sometimes in the afternoon on one hip hop station, this is more of a club song about sex)
Shabba Ranks-Shine and Criss (this is shabba ranks you might of heard of him. This is an example of oldschool gangster shit. much badder and better than rap.)

New dancehall: Agent Sasco(Assassin)-Gyal Alone (this one is a new dancehall club song. gyal=girl. deffinately an alpha male type song as the lyrics say "gyal dem alone in my villa, villa. only gyal head alone pon me pillow,pillow")
Vybz Kartel-Business (this is also a alpha male type club song. this is pretty common in the new dancehall but it works and is pretty solid sometimes. Its a love or hate thing not many people dig the new dancehall but i enjoy it.)
Mavado-War is in Di air (this is more of an example of a gangster type song. This is actually a war song to Vybz Kartel who were beefing big time a few years ago. Violent yes so not for everyone i understand that.)

finally i dont really have a clasification, maybe mostly dancehall, for the next few because they are dancehall lyrics on dub/reggae/rap beats.
Busy signal-Petty War (busy signal does the best songs on rap beats which would be this tune and the next one)
Busy signal-Touch it (remix)
Wayne Marshall-I know (this is a example of dancehall lyrics on reggae beat)
Masicka(king Tubby)-Dread (this is a example of dancehall lyrics on a dub beat)

So my point or a summary is it can be difficult finding reggae songs you would like because there is so much out there and there is no specific classification its always classified as reggae/dancehall but it really is more than that some times. I listed a few examples probably not the best but its what was off the top of my head. I hope this helps anyone who is looking for reggae/dancehall songs.

Finally i would like to post a couple songs by a group called Born Jamericans that consist of 2 people. They are considered a classic in the industry and i dont know anyone who doesnt like them. I would also say its a good place to start. They are the only group who really has a perfect blend of hiphop/reggae/r&b. They are truly unique so if you like rap/r&b this would be the best place to start, well a good place to start for anyone really. They only released 2 albums but they are 2 great albums.

First track from BJ(born jamericans) would be:
Born Jamericans-Gotta Get Mine (i post this one first to get out the way but its the only track with more of a dancehall than reggae feel especially with Mad Lion on the track its really solid)
BJ-Boom Shak A Tak (original) (dancehall remix)
BJ-State of Shock IV (dont ask IV cuz its the only one i know about but this is a good track "too many women in this world for you to be fighting over one, if you dont believe me what im telling you take a trip to washington")
BJ-Warning Sign (reggae style another great track one of there best but like i said there all good, maybe 1 bad song out the whole 2 albums)

Thats all ill post for BJ tracks cuz like i say there all good and a good place to start for reggae beginner so give all there tracks a try
Posted 4/10/14 , edited 4/10/14
it looks like alot but all thats really in my post is the differences between the different styles of reggae/dancehall and mostly examples and my thoughts. So feel free to skim and not read every word cuz i know its long
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OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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