64 Hours sleep deprived no bar no structure poetry!
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Posted 12/8/13 , edited 12/9/13
Above the calm and stagnant water in our hearts,
Sits the Musician--- the Maestro of pain.
He masterfully orchestrates his symphony in D-min.
Its' sound quite beautiful...
We are mesmerized.

But, I beg of you to rejoice!
I beg of you to see the Musician as a force for good!

For little do we know,
That pain is only a reprise to the Grand Song that we ALL play to.
Little do we see,
That for every positive, there is a negative.
Every Yin, a Yang.
Absolute Equilibrium.

So, with all my voice I'll shout, "Go!"
Go and Effervesce.
For if you have taken comfort in the calm currents,
A Tsunami awaits.
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