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Warning about canceling your premium
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Posted 12/9/13 , edited 12/9/13

eyeofpain wrote:

Last time I looked through the "Cancel Membership Renewal" options, it clearly stated the premium status would be revoked immediately. Has this changed, or are people just not reading anymore?

Actually it says cancel subscription but also cancels your current membeship. Which lets all be honest. Should not be possible at all.
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Posted 12/10/13 , edited 12/10/13

So, I'm going to step in and lay out how the cancellation flow works...

I am then going to lock this thread, because it is a rant thread and the person who needed assistance has gotten it.

When you hit that 'Cancel' button there are 1 of 2 things that will happen.

1. If you have less than 30 paid days remaining on your subscription, you will be informed that if you DO cancel, you will cancel the remainder of your paid subscription.

2. If you have more than 30 paid days remaining on your subscription, as long as you read the directions & follow them, you can cancel the recurring Membership by filling out an Exit Survey.

I personally do not like the automatic cancellation -regardless- of how many days are remaining on a subscription & it is something that I have been working behind the scenes to have changed. I can not divulge details, but I'm working with Analytics on this now.

I also think, that it is -VERY- easy to not read directions and click through because you just want to Cancel. This is -NOT- something that I can fix, however I am also working on design to try to address this as well.

Maybe I will have it sparkle and be big bubble pink text.

Anyways. We do not scam anyone. Just read.... read whatever you sign, empower yourself about anything you do in your own financial world.

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