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South Korea Prefers White-Teachers
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Posted 1/30/14 , edited 1/31/14

purpleiriz wrote:

Totally believe it. I used to live in S.Korea about a decade ago - not as a teacher, but as a military servicewoman. And the discrimination I and other dark-skinned foreigners experienced was often blatant. However, some of the fairer skinned Americans would experience some prejudice too - just not at the extent darker foreigners would. And when I say darker foreigners I don't just mean those of African descent. Anyone with a deeper skin tone - middle eastern, Indian, south-pacific, Latino - were treated differently (treated like a 2nd rate citizen, ignored, etc).

As others have said, it's kinda sad but a) I was already used to it b/c of the discrimination I experienced in my home country and b) it was easier to deal with it in S.Korea because it was so upfront and direct. (no second guessing, can directly confront it, etc)

It's wrong either way but in my opinion, it's easier to deal with the overt discrimination than the subtle discrimination. Maybe, hopefully, someday it won't be that way in S.Korea but...I'm not sure when.

I lived in S. Korea too (almost 20 years ago) , US Army. I was stationed in Seoul and did meet some girls that were over there to teach English. Yes they were all white, but it never occurred to me that they were partially chosen for being white. I hung out with all types of people and didn't see the discrimination that you are talking about, but then again, I was stationed in Seoul (not one of the less populated areas, did travel to them for work, but didn't hang out there long). Being in Seoul, things were much different from the more rural areas (Friends stationed down south or up on the Z tell had a much different experience than I)

The only discrimination I ever saw (towards myself at that) was when I was walking home 3 girls from the bars and two young Korean men started hassling me AND the 3 girls. (And it didn't help with those girls [ who were drunk as was I] replying with a sterotype of American men having a large....and Korean men having a small .. Needless to say I was happy to get out of that situation without a fight!)
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Posted 2/15/14 , edited 2/16/14
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