chapter 58 of ouran!!!!translation!
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i found this translation in's from the forum! pls enjoy!!!


Thoughts are in italics
The words between * are the ones handwritten.

Pg 1
Thank you for your encouragement!
And now we're really into the business!!

Pg 2
Haruhi: Mother,
you who are in heaven,
is love something that happens so suddenly?

Tamaki: Is Haruhi ok!?

pg 3

Honey: eh?
Doctor: Fujioka-san left early...*moreover she will be absent for the next class*
Everyone: Eeeh?
Doctor:With a weird face she jumped in and then ran away saying "As I thought, I'm leaving early!" *so there might have been something weird since she said [as I thought]
*will you be ok?*
*ahem, what's with that plushie's outfit?*

pg 4

Mei: Haruhi?
Mei: What are you doing here at my school?
Where are you running from, you're even out of breath...
Haruhi: Me..
Haruhi: This magazine is wrong!!!
Mei: Ha!?

pg 5

Haruhi: I did it a lot of times but the results were always weird...'s Tamaki senpai...
Mei: Hold on Haruhi, calm down!
*Haruhi: Atchoo*
Mei: Kyaaa!!
Mei: What''re sick!
*girl 1:Who is he? Mei's boyfriend?*
*girl 2: waah it's from Ouran, he is so cute!!*
Mei: First of all come this way!!
You mean you tried the test on that magazine thinking about Tamaki-kun?
Haruhi: y..

pg 6
Mei: And that result was "LOVE"?
Haruhi: y..
Haruhi: But this magazine is wrong!
we are talking about Tamaki senpai!!
Mei: So what's the reason of your weird behaviour toward Tamaki-kun?
Haruhi: Uh...
Haruhi: But...that's because...
in this way, so suddenly, it's weird...
Mei: kyaaa the bells!!
Ok Haruhi I'd like to listen to you calmly
but if I skip school my parents are going to be angry...
Mei: When school is over I'll come to your house.
Can you go home alone?
Haruhi: Y..yes
Mei: Come on, clean that nose!!
Go to bed and sleep, got it?
*and put also a mask ok?*
Haruhi: Yes

pg 7
Mei: Then let me tell you,
"love" is something that comes suddenly!!
Mei: but in your case...
are you sure it's so sudden?
Mei: Think about it when you're in bed!
I don't get it...what does it mean? If it wasn't sudden then...

Pg 8
Haruhi: Of course I respect him
and support him, but for the majority of the time...
so obnoxious...
the last type of person I wanted to be involved with...

(Near Tamaki those bigs white kanji are "Haruhi what do you think? It' s beautiful right?")

pg 9
Haruhi: That....
Haruhi: Noo!!!
Why was I so calm there!!
Haruhi: Oh yes, I don't have a lot of info...
Haruhi: I can't rely on a single magazine to check my feelings...

pg 10
Haruhi: After all, it might be because I have basically no experience in love that I'm so shocked
I need to know more...
more useful things.

Female: Tamaki-kun, I love you
Male: Harumi me too. I always have...
Female: If it's you, you can do everything to me...
Male: Harumi..

pg 11
And then the two...
*Tamaki: oh look he looks so much like you Haruhi!*
*Haruhi: eh? but he resembles you too senpai!*
Woman: Ehy boy,
what are you doing with that fallen book...?
Haruhi: sorry, I'm buying it!!
*woman: oh now that I've taken a look at you, you're really handsome
I'll make a discount*
*Haruhi: T..thank you*
*woman: thank you very much!!*
Haruhi: the money for food...

pg 12
Haruhi: boy...
that's right, when they look closely at me they think I'm a boy...
Haruhi: And as a girl, his daughter...
Haruhi: For senpai those things held no other meaning...
*Tamaki: your father...your father...*
Haruhi: I'm a Tanuki after all...
*I have no breasts too*
Man: Boy,don't get lost in your thoughts!!!

pg 13
Man: Oh sorry!
Policeman: Ehy you!
Policeman: What is a student like you doing here at this time?
*policeman: Please come with me for a moment to the police station*
*policeman 1:senpai, this uniform, it's an Ouran student!*
*policeman 2: eh really? that school?? what kind of food do you eat?*
*Haruhi: well...tamagoyaki...*
[it became a simple chat]
*policemen: so you left early due to your sickness*
*take care ok?*
Haruhi: I think I have a fever...*I want to rest somewhere*

pg 14
Haruhi: what am I doing, even skipping school...
and I can't keep running away from Tamaki senpai
Haruhi: Mother...
what should I do...
Woman: Hey, you
Haruhi: Mother...
woman: are you ok?

pg 15
Haruhi: Oh it was not my mum...
*I'm so embarassed, I was almost sleeping...*
Kousaka: If you sleep in a place like this you'll get sick
oh you're already sick!
Kousaka: It's bad!! Shindou-kun! Shindou-kun!
Shindo: yes!
Kousaka: I'm sorry, business people can't afford to get sick!
Haruhi: Ha...
Kousaka: You're Fujioka Haruhi am I right? 1 class A section at Ouran school, part of the Host club...
Haruhi: eh?

pg 16
Haruhi: How do you know...
Kousaka: I got a picture of you from Tamaki-san.
Hello, I found Fujioka-san!
Haruhi: eh?
Tamaki: Haruhi!!!
Haruhi: Tamaki-senpai?!

pg 17
*waa, so happy*
Tamaki: Kousaka-san, thank you!!!!
Kousaka: it's ok, now I'll report to school that we found her
Haruhi: se..
*Tamaki: something is coming from your nose..*
Tamaki: I left...
Tamaki. You left early, I thought you could be at home so I called but you didn't answer,
I panicked thinking you collapsed while going home
Hikaru, too, was being noisy and wanted to come but it was impossible to leave all together.
Tamaki: I'm glad you're fine...

pg 18
Haruhi: I'm
I'm sorry...
Tamaki: then that person is Kousaka-san,
her office is in the neighborhood so I asked her to help me look for you.
Tamaki: She is our company's lawyer
I thought she could give you more info so I was thinking I could introduce her to you once your flu was cured...
Haruhi: a lawyer...
Tamaki: then I heard
she was also a kohai of your mother.

pg 19
Kousaka: actually when I entered, Kotoko-san was already out of school, she graduated some years before,
but she was very famous,
Kousaka:during school she passed the National Bar examination,
both her teachers and friends believed she would become an elite,
yet she found a job in an small office of the city,
and there's a legend that she married a man who looked like a woman..
Tamaharu: haaaa?
*she was so famous?*
Kousaka: You want to become a lawyer like your mother, right?
But first you must experience a lot of things...

pg 20
Kousaka: it's ok to study a lot and get good marks
but law is a profession that deals with people,
a lot of businesses and many situations. One must listen precisely and follow other people's sides.
If you must stand in someone else's position, then you can't just study behind a desk.
Haruhi thinking/flashback: I always studied but...

pg 21
thinking only about my head
in a situation like this I couldn't do anything

Tamaki: Kousaka-san Haruhi is not feeling well..
Kousaka: Are you able to imagine it?
Now, for example, for Tamaki-san who just started the path to become a Souh successor, it's a very important time
and he left school because he was worried and do you think it's good for...
Tamaki: Kousaka-san!!
Haruhi: [Experiences of all kind]?

pg 22
Kousaka: eh?
y.. yes..
Haruhi:..Who said that...
who was...
Tamaki: Haruhi...?
Pics of tamaki
Experiences of all kind!!
Yes, it was Tamaki senpai's favourite phrase
But when did he say it?
Tamaki senpai...I....
oh I see, why didn't I realize it?
*Tamaki: Of course Haruhi, experiences of all kind!*
*Tamaki: And it's "all kinds of experience" too!!!*

pg 23
Haruhi: In my future I want to become a lawyer...
probably from that time...
Tamaki: Haruhi!
My body is hot...cold,
it's dark...

pg 24
I'm sinking somewhere...
The time when he saved me,
did I thank him?
When he was worried and scolded me,
when he protected me from the thunderstorm,

pg 25
he expandeded my world even though I always avoided trouble...
without knowing he gave me so much...
Tamaki: Haruhi?
Haruhi: That's right, it wasn't sudden...

pg 26
Tamaki:I'm so sorry it became like that in the park..
and now you even have a fever
Haruhi: I know that this person has a lot of good traits...
Tamaki: remember? after that we went to the hospital,
I think I might have overdone it but I brought you home
Tamaki: ah...but Mei-chan came, as well.
she took the keys from your bag
and she changed your clothes!!
*and I worked hard, too, by putting you to bed*
Tamaki: now she went to buy some rice...
Haruhi: Tamaki senpai....
Kinder than any other person
without being aware of it, he has this big heart..

pg 27
Haruhi: maybe that feeling that grew in my heart was not "respect"
Haruhi: thank you for saving me when I fell in the sea
and during the thunderstorm
and all the other times..
and today, too.

pg 28
Haruhi: for worrying about me, thank you
Tamaki:He.. Haruhi!?
what is this? Is it due to the fever?*father becomes embarassed if you say this all of a sudden*
Haruhi: your hand...
is so big
Haruhii: and then now suddenly it's so hot! *could you take away your hand? my fever is increasing*
*Tamaki:Waa! Haruhi sorry!*
Haruhi: but senpai
I still need to learn a lot of things

pg 29
Haruhi: so even if by any chance this is love
I can't tell you now...
*Mei: Should I go inside now?
No...better leave them alone a little bit more...*
[The following day]
Haruhi: Hikaru, Kaoru, good morning!!
HikaKao: Haruhi!?

pg 30
Hikaru: are you ok? you collapsed yesterday...
Haruhi: yes, after a night's sleep I'm ok!
Haruhi: I'm sorry for yesterday
thank you for worrying about me!
Hikaru: it's nothing...
*Hikaru: we weren't able to do anything*
girl: Haruhi-kun!! are you ok?
boy: Haruhi-kun! you're here!
boy: listen! yesterday at HR it was decided that our class would go skiing,
You don't like skiing right? You won't approve of it, right?
Haruhi: skiing...?

pg 31
Haruhi: I want to try it!
everyone: eeeh?
twins: Haruhi..what? *haruhi you're still feverish?*
*Haruhi: well you see
because it will be*
Haruhi: [Experiences of all kind]
Haruhi: Hikaru and Kaoru are good at skiing right? So please teach me a lot!
But in a way that it doesn't require money, please.
Twins: Good, leave it to us!!!

Going on looking in front of me

pg 32
to follow my dream and then
if I go on like this before everyone
maybe I'll be able to catchup with that person....

Kousaka: Maybe I was too hard?
kousaka: aaah
Kousaka: Motoko-san's daughter...
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yah i already read the manga in yesterday...hehehehe...sooo kawaii!!!!but this translation is out before the scans of the manga....hehehehe
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i like it! i want to watch the manga!
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ohm i agree of that be cause i like anime mangas also classic anime that i watch ....
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thanks for posting it!
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kbluvsme wrote:

thanks for posting it!

you're welcome! i want to share all my knowledge about this anime(if there is)lolz.. i love you minasa!! thnx for supporting our group! keep in touch!
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