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Posted 12/11/13 , edited 12/11/13
Hey there everyone I am AnimeGuy717. If you would like to become a moderator for this group it's quiet easy. All you need to do is PM me or if there are other moderators you can PM them OR you can just post here. BUT MAKE SURE YOU SAY IF YOU WISH TO BE A FORUM MODERATOR(MODERATES FORUMS AND MAKES NEW TOPICS,POLLS, AND KEEP FORUMS UNDER CONTROL), GRAPHIC MODERATOR(MAKES AVATARS,BANNERS,ETC FOR GROUP AND EDIT GROUP INFO) OR AN OVERALL MODERATOR(HAS SAME PERMISSIONS AND DUTIES AS CREATOR)...
~p.s. All Graphic Mods must provide example of work in a spoiler~

~Forum Mod~

~Graphic Mod~

~Overall Mod~

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