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Kill La Kill Fighting game
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Posted 3/11/14 , edited 3/11/14
I thought a fighter would be a good idea, but the hack'n'slash sounds better after some contemplation.

Wouldn't have to worry about character tiers, for starters.

The series also lends itself exceptionally well to big number battles upon second thought. There are always mass numbers of mooks to rip through (One-Stars, Nudist Beach personnel, and COVERs). Different characters are even possible, since after 17 the majority of the "villainous" cast turns face.

Two-Stars as early stage bosses, the two fights with Uzu, a taste of Satsuki vs. Berserk Ryuuko, etc... even the boss fights sound better and better, though there's also the problem of the auxiliary characters degrading in importance as the show has gone on. Still, they can go up against COVERs with the best of them, and Junketsu-Ryuuko could be a stage boss with the entire Elite Four going up against her sequentially.
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Posted 12/27/15 , edited 12/27/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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