Social class portrayal isnt daring (spoilers)

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Posted 12/13/13 , edited 12/14/13
Firstly yes I have read the manga and I know the themes were waay more subtle in the manga as opposed to the anime. This thread is thus in relation to the anime. Undoubtably the main theme is 'sacrifice', the needs of the many yadda yadda.

What is totally not a theme (or atleast is being portrayed stupidly) is the whole social class thing. Anyone or any review etc going on about how this anime is so 'daring in how it portrays class' are loons, so just stop.

The anime was an absolutely shameless bias against 'upper society'. It seems that a characters humbleness and overall niceness in this anime is proportinal to how poor they are.
The police are ALL portrayed as corrupt to an over-bearingly cocky degree.
Jean is apparently a scumbag until he decides to go Survey Corp.
The people living in the inner walls are portrayed as flamboyant god-fearing maniacs.
Heck, even the more wealthy of the working class are portrayed as selfish scumbags.

As mentioned, a lot of the social aspects itself arent present in the manga, but this anime is lacking in any sort of tact in its desperate attempt to portray anyone with money as a self-serving violent scumbag.
We're even suppose to be happy when we see a bloodied Goldilocks walking amongst the corpses of people -OH WAIT they are upper-class so apparently they arent people.

This is even more evident in how when the working class was forced to try to retake their land, its a bad evil disgusting thing. OH - but when the Survey Corps unleash two titans amongst the upper-class its a 'heroic' decision to be praised and admired.

Absolutely disgusting and its evident that the anime director has some clear hatred toward anyone living in a better house than them.
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Posted 10/9/16 , edited 10/9/16
First, I agree. The social class warfare is an old rhetoric outside of this medium.
I think there has always been this bourgeois hatred, that is taking more footing across America/capitalist countries in particular to change the way economic systems distribute wealth. Hence the idea of class immobility in many criticisms of capitalism.
What I think anime, and other media does well at showing is how if you are segregated into social class/caste without any option to move, that doesn't make it right. But unfortunately many people don't recognize that is how Socialist or Communist systems work.
I don't think that media is very good at portraying the idea that people can be good people and have money.
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