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Posted 12/19/13 , edited 1/11/14

Rules & Guidelines

These rules apply to every member of this group, it doesn't matter what rank you are, there are no exceptions.

    Suggestions: Making suggestions, sharing ideas for the group and/or adding a rule, in the mean time post it in the Trips thread and an active moderator or 4lperen (creator) will be happy to reply back. Here is the link:

    Read the first post: Lots of people simply don't follow the guidelines of anything. The group wall usually tells you how things works around here. Read the group wall and the first post, then post in the thread after you understand what you're supposed to do and not do.

    No flaming: Name calling and being rude for no reason whatsoever is prohibited. Your posts will be distinguished. Failure to follow this rule and warnings will result to a temporary or permanent ban depending how severe the situation has manifested.

    No hentai images: This group was created for everyone therefore keep the image postings to a level of friendliness.

    No trolling: Promoting other groups and spamming the walls with chain letters are prohibited. We don't do it on yours therefore don't bring it here and chain letters are not allowed on Crunchyroll anyway.

    How to become an AM Moderator: If you are on Crunchyroll daily, active in groups, and share the same views as the creator, then send a short bio about yourself and how you may be able to help the group to Senior Moderator, GerryO. Currently we are looking for a graphics moderator (send samples of your work) and game moderator.

With that said, welcome to Academy Magic and thank you for taking the time to read the rules. Overtime, more rules will be added to make this group better and more enjoyable for everyone.

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