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Posted 12/20/13 , edited 12/20/13
So for the Anime Club at my school, I decided to have a meeting dedicated to all the different types of AMVs. I figured I'd share it with all of you, and see if there's anything to add.

Misleading - These type of AMVs change the genre of the show they're portraying. The AMV this show covers is Hyouka. A slice of life, and detective show. However, it makes it look like some sort of tragedy.

Cross Over - A pretty fun AMV to watch if you've seen both shows in question. It takes 2 shows and mashes them together to represent one of the shows. This particular one takes Chihayafuru as the lead character of Bakuman.

Cross Over type 2 - The difference with this crossover is when they mash shows together they create a whole difference storyline. This particular one is A Certain Magical Index and Toradora crossed over. The story resembles that of School Days.

Reviews - A personal favorite of mine, these AMVs review past season, years, and time periods. This one reviews all the shows from 2013

Shorts - Hardly an AMV, usually they're under a minute and sync up the song perfectly, almost all of them are comedic

Spoiler Central - These types of AMVs usually focus on 1 show and spoil the entire show if you haven't seen it. It covers all the main points of the story. This particular one is for Gurren Laggan, If you haven't seen it don't watch this one

Storytime - I like these, because they take the good arcs from really long series. This particular one is the arc with Naruto vs Pain, and edited so there's context too.

Trailer Voiceovers - Usually these ones are funny. They take the audio of trailers and match it to anime. This particular one is a little more serious

Some tips:

Pick a good song to follow - This AMV chooses a song with both slow and fast tempos. It made it really easy for the creator to cover the slow and action parts of Fate/Zero

Look for the contest winners - These amvs are always fantastic. BestAMVsOfAllTime on youtube collect most of them

Foreign music always makes awesome AMVs - I don't know why, it just does

MEPs - AMVs created by a bunch of different peoples clips put together. Usually covers a lot of shows

If you guys have any other "types" please please reply.
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I like watching AMVs/MADs although majority of my favorites tend to be MADs. Personally what I look for in an AMV/MAD is great music beat and visual synch this is something more prominent in MADs compared to AMVs.

And yeah Best***OfAllTime is quite good at finding quality AMVs/MADs.
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I wish I'd went to your school.

Another category could be Original or some other synonym, where someone takes existing footage from a show (or more often, many shows) and creates a story with them that didn't otherwise exist. Similar to Our Tapes.

A fair number of Crossovers fall into this category, but I just think there's an (admittedly fine) distinction between someone just putting two shows together versus creating an entirely original story with its own characters and narrative.
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