Posted 12/20/13 , edited 12/22/13

This is where you trade and sell your youma stone after you have defeated a youma. Here is a list of the shops that are willing to trade your youma stones for currency but beware, some of them are not as honest as they may seem to be.

[1]Roy's Photo Studio»»
Roy is a male harmless shape shifting youma who is in charge of trading and buying the youma stones a player collects but his store fronts as a hentai photo studio to keep humans and other youmas from finding out his real identity. Ladies, beware, if you catch Roy giving you perverted looks and asks you for favors, it's at your own volition.

[2]Sniptease Salon»»
Holly is a female and neutral youma who runs a hair stylist salon for celebrities of humankind. Holly is a laid back middle aged woman but get her attention quick by walking in with a box of chocolate covered donuts. But catch her at a bad time or say the wrong words to offset her and she just may snip your eyes out!



[5]Alpha Mack»»
Mack is a retired veteran and former Spirit Warrior. Now, he runs a family owned surf shop by the beach. He is a former Warrior because he was injured while trying to defeat a high level youma and failed. He also took a leave of absence because he let his teammates down. His personality may come off prude and pragmatic.
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