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Posted 12/23/13 , edited 12/23/13

I am one of the users that is just unable to pay, and that not because I do not want to but because no one from CR lets me. I can only pay with paypal but payments from germany are blocked. So I am bummed, I can't start the free 30 days, I can not redeem the 30 days christmas anime thingy but I can get up to 5 Mails per week, which remind me to start my free trial. So I have 60 days free sitting around and can't use any of it.

At least I can now, which I might consider, buy myself now a fair prepaid month from the store.
But still... I can't access my free months, I can't access your "Christmas present" and why? Only because I am from germany.

I already offered to do pre-paid purchase a few weeks ago, which was answered with a denial and a link to a highly overpriced giftcard and this still sits in my bones and I don't know if that was just a rude supporter who doesn't care about customers or if that is the standard support.

I mean, I have a ticket where I asked about a prepaid possibility and got told there is none and now I see a new version with a direct gift which seems to be redeemable via internet and not being sent as an overpriced card which takes up to 6 weeks to arrive. But can't be sure because the store doesn't really tell me if its virtual only or still being sent...

All in all my experience here is at the moment very very very bad with no support or real help, except from the users themself. Which is more than sad.

So my last try: Is there another way to redeem those two free months or at least a supporter that will add them, when I buy such a giftcard ?
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