~The Nevr Ending Story~
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Posted 12/23/13 , edited 12/24/13
Rules are simple: Every next post is a new addition to the story! Make it followable and believable, nothing too twisted, and not too complicated!

Biggest rule, don't write a novel! Keep it at a 1 to 2 paragraph minimum! Try not to over flow the posts within seconds of each other, as it may alter the storyline without intention. Just have fun with it and keep checking back to see where the story lies.

The Never Ending Story

The story begins with our hero, in a deep slumber among a sea of black. He awakes... it seems he's stranded in a vast abyss. The darkness overwhelms him, and the only sound is the wisps of wind. He is quite confused... "What am I doing here? Who am I...?" Not knowing why he awoke in this place, and for a purpose, he looks around near him. Our hero finds 3 small pillars to his left, each with a weapon on top of them. A Sword Pillar, a Bow Pillar, and a Staff Pillar. Upon seeing these pillars, his memories start to recollect his calling... he must choose one.
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Posted 3/10/14 , edited 3/11/14
Our hero looks toward the staff pillar, he touches it but then the staff turns into ashes. Astonished, he tries touching a pebble but nothing happens. He then touches the bow and it too turns into ashes. The hero reluctantly, with a grim face touches the sword and it does not break. He takes the sword, but then, another memory gets recollected. He must find a way out of this place immediately. He has premonitions of what is coming later...
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Posted 5/17/14 , edited 5/17/14

He had a peculiar feeling about this place. Glancing around, he felt the sudden chill blowing in from almost every direction - but he couldn't find an exit or the source of the wind. Uneasy, he decided to explore the dimension before him. After a what it seemed to be a long moment of indefinite walking, he came before an arch stone with carved words on it. The words looked alien to him, though.
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Hideout #13
Posted 8/21/14 , edited 8/21/14
It was particularly annoying since they were not of the foreign language. It's just that either he forgot, as part of his amnesia, how to read too, or that he never could read in the first place. He hoped for the former, yet became quite depressed with the discovery. However, at this moment something happened, that almost made him forget what little new memories he gathered: the stone moved a little, then again, and then puffed up and shrunk back. Was it breathing?! Was it alive?
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Closed because it's inactive, and a new story thread has been started:

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