Food Not Bombs
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If we spent just as much money towards peace and ending world hunger as we did on weaponry, how much could we change the world?

This is one of the basics to food not bombs. I'm a member of the local Johnstown PA chapter, and was wondering if anyone on CR had a local sect of their own. This thread is meant to toss around Ideas, recipes, etc. If you want to start your own chapter, the link above will show you how.

To begin, for anyone who already knows about this organiztion... What food do you most commonly serve? When, where? Other than passing out food, what do you do? (ex: donate to/volunteer at the local shelter) What do you do to raise money? (we tend to hold shows) And where do you find gives out the most excess food? Any paticular store chain?

To anyone who isn't involved, feel free to ask questions, or just glance through.

Here is the link to out chapters myspace

We have befriended locations in Bard college, Syracuse, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Bandung (Indonesia), Salt Lake, Evanston, Tumon Heights (Guam), Newport, and other locations. You can search a location near you. Other pages can be found for places like Illinois on facebook as well.
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wow, no one left a comment for almost a year and so i had to say something
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~Outdated thread.
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Outdated Thread

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