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How did you first get into anime
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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
I also like sports and a bunch of other stuff but I don't think that there is a stereotype for an "anime person" like there used to be. As I've talked to more people and watched more anime, I've noticed that anime watchers come in all sorts of sizes and personalities.

Anyway, my first anime was definitely Dragonball Z.

Dragonball Z (going to try out the new game that is coming out btw "Battle of Z"or something..)
Yu Yu Hakusho
Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood as well)
Case Closed!
Rurouni Kenshin
Inuyasha (I went crazy with fanfiction during this period)

Those are just the one's that got me started on this spiraling path. I've seen so many more since my early days and I'm currently on:
Attack on Titan
Freezing Vibration

I haven't watched anime week by week since 2011. Used to just bulldoze through anime. Anyway, good luck!
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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
Two words...

Tenchi Muyo.

And it set the tone for my favorite genre of anime. Later I watched the classics like Hellsing, Berserk, Vampire Hunter D. I guess technically you could consider Voltron my first anime though....USA Cartoon Express!
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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
1. I'm not too active on here, other than just browsing forums once and awhile. I've basically just joined the Facebook groups for the Anime's I enjoy watching to keep tabs on things.

2. I'm your typical guy; love sports, love video games. I'd rather be doing those two than anything else.. Unfortunately work gets in the way.. But I love story, either in video game, movie or anime format I don't care. That's why Anime appeals to me.

3. Used to watch DBZ and Digimon as a young teenager. Since then, haven't paid much attention to Anime. However, a YouTuber I subscribe to kept talking about Attack on Titan and how awesome it was. I finally gave it a watch and discovered I couldn't stop watching (with my love of story it was a no brainer). This fall I subscribed to Crunchyroll and have been watching anything and everything that interests me since.

4. Obviously Attack on Titan is a must watch. I also like Sword Art Online, Kill la Kill and The World God Only Knows. I'd say those are my top so far that I've come across these past few months.

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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
I typed up long answers to each of your questions, but then accidentally closed the window when I went to change tabs, so here's the short version:

Question 1: I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I've spent a nearly unhealthy amount of time on /r/anime. If there's any conventions nearby, those are nice, I guess.

Question 2: Yes, that is a huge issue. We will burn you at the stake for your trespass.

No, of course it isn't! In all honestly, I rarely see people who actually fit that stereotype (except at clubs and cons, but even then the numbers are smaller than one might expect).

Question 3: My very first anime was Tatsunoko's "Superbook". For reasons obvious to anyone who knows what Superbook is, I don't count that. In fact, I don't really count any moment in my life as a definite transition point "into" anime. It just kind of...happened?

Question 4: I haven't used Netflix for anime in quite some time, so I don't know what you have and haven't seen, but here goes!

Kill La Kill is a nice henshin action series if you can stomach the fanservice.
The World God Only Knows is just great. Great characters, great animation, great comedy, great romance, great, great ,great,
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has it all. Action, romance, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, you name it! Don't worry, no one would blame you for skipping most of endless eight. Don't worry, no one would blame you for skipping most of endless eight. Don't worry, no one would blame you for skipping most of endless eight.
And don't forget to watch the movie, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya!
If you have a premium CR account, or can stomach (in my opinion) a mediocre dub, Rurouni Kenshin is a very good action series. I'd recommend stopping after you finish the Shishio Arc (everything after that is filler), and then watching the OVAs instead of the last arc.

Hope I could be of assistance!
Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
1. *shrugs*
2. I kinda fit the stereotype so...
3. First anime I watched... Sailor Moon ;D YEAH!! (I was like 5)
4. Sword Art Online, Kill la KiLL, High School DxD, Daily lives of High School Boys, and more... that I can't think of right now
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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
I saw Marine boy when I was 2 years old in 1967, ever since then it's been Speed racer, Kimba, Macross, Gundam etc.....
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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
My first was star blazers then tranzor z back in the late 70s early 80s then there was a little show called G Force (Gatchaman) and of course voltron! From there my love of anime exploded!
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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
I got hooked when I was a kid.. DBZ, Sailor Moon. Pokémon, Escaflowne.. as I entered into my teens I started to watch Gundam Wing on the YTV, afterwards I started to watch a lot of shonen stuff, after that (around when I was 18ish) I really got into random stuff like Gantz or Baccano!.. nowadays I mostly watch slice-of-life anime.
Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
It was back around '97 when I rented some tapes. Yes, I'm old enough to have used VHS. I started with stuff like Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Moved into some Miyazaki, like Princess Mononoke, which really moved me. Time later, I was watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network for what they had to offer there. I soon began to amass an anime collection consisting of DVDs. The price for hundreds of DVDs I've been through was pretty steep. Now I've been through some Blu-rays and also watch anime online or through download. My current collection is over 300 discs in size, with more than 100GB (which is relatively small) in downloaded material.

That is the basic progression of getting into anime, which I am, in some ways, still getting deeper into it, while being more casual about it than I once was. I don't spend nearly as much money or time with it as I once did, but the interest and passion still remains.

Despite the occasional social stigma, I've enjoyed this hobby. It will be a lifelong dedication of enjoyment.
Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
1. I guess Crunchyroll itself meets the criteria. There are a lot of specific forum discussions for different anime.
2. The stereotype from what I've seen turns out to be quite the opposite in my area but there are those who fit the description.
3. I stumbled across anime on late night television from Adult Swim and started watching Naruto as it first aired. I branched out quite a bit and abandoned Naruto because it was childish, somewhat meh, and contained too many fillers.
4. My favorite anime I would recommend would be Code Geass, Attack on Titan, Katekyo Hitman Reborn (AKA Reborn!), and Spice and Wolf. All of these are great series in their own way but I highly recommend at least watching Code Geass and Attack on Titan. There are many new series on Crunchyroll you can explore at your own leisure too. Cheers!
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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
Watched the Dragon Ball Z movies on toonami when I was like 6 years old. That was my first exposure. After that I went crazy Dragon Ball Z fanatic. Then I started slowly finding other anime to watch. Toonami block mostly. Until I started doing my own research (and had unlimited access to the internet).
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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
I played the DBZ games as a child and later I got sucked into anime.
Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
I will just answer how I got into anime.

It was many many years ago. I don't remember the channel but I think it was one of the pay channels like HBO. Very very late at night they would, for I think one day a week, air a special block of anime. I didn't get to see it except for once or twice but they were playing Galaxy Express 999 both times. I remember being curious and just sitting there watching it. I loved it the moment I saw it. Then I convinced my parents to purchase some sort of VHS mailing thing with anime where at certain intervals they would send a new VHS tape. Wrath of the Ninja, Project A-ko and The Slayers soon showed up to my house. I was completely hooked. It wasn't until 2002 when TechTV brought out Anime Unleashed though that I was able to continue my new found love. By that time I was able to search it out online and find it a lot more easily. I found a few like Rurouni Kenshin and Samurai X and absolutely loved them and have only continued to increase the number of series I have watched. I don't recall which anime it was in particular that made me get into manga but I recall it was one of those many series that just ended abruptly in the anime and had no conclusion. I was so devastated that I needed to know more and forced myself to go through the manga. After that experience though I quickly warmed up to manga as well and have since had quite a few that I am constantly watching for new chapters.
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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13

akaReflex wrote:

Hi......I am VERY very new to the "anime community" if you guys call it that. I got sick, and I got some free Netflix and I just started watching the dubbed stuff they have on their Xbox app, after I finished watching all the anime Netflix had I started looking online and I used to not be able to handle subbed anime but I'm just now getting to the point where I can not only watch them but thoroughly enjoy them.
With that said, I have some questions for all of you...err...more experienced members of the community. So without further ado
1. Is there a way to keep in touch with the community? (ie. Twitter, Facebook groups, specific forums) I like to talk about the anime/manga I watch/read but none of my friends are even remotely interested so it's almost like speaking to myself.
2. I don't really fit, I guess you would call it the stereotype of typical anime fans (nerdy, anti-social) I like sports and like hanging out with friends and what not, and a few of the people I've met that are heavily into anime act sort of...resentful I suppose is the right word. Is that an issue?
3. I am very heavily interested in how all of you stumbled upon the anime/manga scene and why it interests you so much.
4. If you could recommend things for me to watch, that'd be great since as of now I just pick what title that I can understand (as I only speak English/Spanish)
You don't have to answer all 4 questions, although I would thoroughly enjoy that, you can also troll me as I quite enjoy that as well.

1. Theres the forums xD

2. Just cause you like anime doesnt mean you are anti social, going with your friends to an anime convention is pretty social, even though I dont do it, its still considered social, and you really dont know about people unless you talk to them so you probably have no clue if they work out or not

3. I watched DBZ when I was like 5, and only watched DB, DBZ, DBGT until I was 10, then I watched naruto since my friend convinced me to watch it (shes still obsessed with naruto -_-) anyways, stopped watching anime after naruto ended, but came back since I was bored on day and realized that there was anime! and it seems that most people got into anime due to DBZ or Naruto, but they were really popular in america back then, still is

4. Top animes ive watched in the past is probably, Fairy Tail, ANGEL BEATS!!!, Sword art, Attack on titan, and the best ones that are ongoing are, Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, Log horizon, Golden time, Strike the blood

IMO you should watch Log horizon, Sword art online, golden time, angel beats, and strike the blood right now. that will probably last you a few weeks
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Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/28/13
I really couldn't be bothered typing a whole heap of stuff so if it's alright, I'll just recommend some anime (sorry!)

Angel Beats
Sword Art Online
Nagi no Asukara
Death Note
Pokemon (Don't even ask x3)
Fairy Tail

And a couple of movies that are English subbed (if you get into it)

My Neighbour Totoro
Spirited Away

Welcome to anime! I hope you enjoy being an anti-social penguin
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