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Now there are going around previews of the new visual novel of Angel Beats. Angel Beats, to say the least, is a popular and great anime that many people enjoyed and loved. As many people know a lot of VN are, for lack of a better word, very ecchi if not borderline hentai or just hentai. Now Angel Beats is one of the greatest anime I have ever seen, but if you look at a CG of the VN of Angel Beats you can see that it has moments in the anime that never happen and some ecchi scenes.

Now some of you may not know this but KEY, the developer, is famous for making Clannad, Kanon, Little Busters and more. Some of you may not know but KEY is famous for making PG Visual Novels but then later releasing the same game but filled of H-Scenes. Now with that in mind for those who seen Angel Beats, what is your opinion on this VN? Me personally I do not want any H-Scenes of any charcters of Angel Beats. Angel Beats was such an emotional anime for many people and seeing the charcters that grew on me for what they did or what they tried to do, in any hentai scenes would just ruin the anime for me.

Imagine if your favorite anime, we'll use mine, K-ON!, if KEY made a VN of K-ON I would love it but if they added H-Scenes the charcters and the stories would be forever ruined for me.

So with that example I'm asking what's your opinon on the VN. Do you want H-scnes in this game? Would you care if your favorite anime became a VN and became an H-game as well?

tl;dr Do you want hentai scenes in the new Angel Beats game? And would you want or care if your favorite anime became an H-game?
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Lol I saw the Angel Beats fan page on Facebook post those pictures and I was very much quite okay with it xD
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