Anime turned Visual Novel
Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/27/13
*This is my first fourm topic so be easy on me please, and tell me how I can improve*

After reading the post of Angels Beats' new game and looking up the company KEY I'm, for lack of a better word, nervous. Key, if you didn't know is known to release PG visual novels then later release an enhanced version of the same game with now added H-scenes. But im going to make this short. Key has done that with Clannad, Kanon, Little Buster and probably more.

But the main question is would you care or want H-Scenes in the new Angel Beats game?

Angel Beats was a very emotional anime and I loved the characters but me personally would hate if they added H-scenes I feel that if thet did add them it would ruin the anime and all characters, sure we may get back story of the characters but well you be able to see those characters the same?

My favorite anime is K-ON!. If they made a visual novel of K-ON! I would be wary if it was pure PG I wouldn't mind but if they added H-Scenes, my favorite anime would be ruined and I would never look at the characters the same way.

So another question is would you care, or want, a Visual Novel of your favorite anime, potentially having H-scenes?

Now we still don't know if the game will have H-Scenes but Key is known to release a PG version first then releasing an enhanced version with added features and H-scenes.

So with that said tell me what you guys think about the game potentially having H-scenes, and if your favorite anime became a Visual Novel would you want H-scenes in them?
Posted 12/27/13 , edited 12/27/13
Hmmm... I wouldn't want hard-core H-scenes, but I'm certainly open to them hinting that sex occurs. Moments of kissing/embracing with the scene fading out is more towards my tastes; however, my favorite anime are mostly very clean sex-wise, so pretty much anything sexual in the visual novels would seem pretty random and non-canonical. If I wanted to see a hentai-esque pairings of characters that doesn't feature in the anime, I'd Google fanart or explore hentai websites.
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