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Posted 12/31/13 , edited 1/4/14
As an Belgian citizen I'm wondering, why exactly does CR has such problems with acquiring some titles here in Belgium? Especially for some older titles. It's really unfortunate.

I've also heard that the availability of titles in the Netherlands is much more. I've quickly checked this out with a proxy for a moment and I was really stunned. Our neighbours have twice as much titles available and even the manga section is open. That's rather strange though in my opinion...

Also, is there any possibility some older titles will get added to the database in the future? I really hope so.

Thanks in advance.
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Posted 1/5/14 , edited 1/5/14
Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation. To the untrained eye it may look like a recommendation. However, it is not a recommendation.

Two words: 'US' and 'VPN'.
It might cost a buck or five and might run into buffering issues. It's said to be a grey area, follow the topic below for more information.

Posted 1/6/14 , edited 1/6/14
^ Personally I kinda dislike the idea of using a VPN/proxy. Nevertheless, it's still the most legal option if you really really want to see a particular show that's region restricted.

Meanwhile, I also found out that some of the more recent popular anime (Kill la Kill, SAO, Bunny Drop, ect...) are apparently licensed by another company in my region (which I never heard of...): Wakanim. However they only provide a French service here, which is really irritating. Only 40% of the Belgian population has French as its native language, the others have either Dutch (the most part, me included) or German. Yet they still have acquired somehow rights for the whole country. Personally I'm way more comfortable with English instead of French. I guess some people of Swiss must have the same problem too.
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