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Posted 12/31/13 , edited 1/1/14


1. Please don't RP when your character isn't approved by the creator or a mod. Tell us if you've completed your character and we haven't noticed, but please be patient :)

2. NO god-modding, if you do you will be banned

3. Keep it PG-13 please.

4. Do not kill someone else character unless you have permission from the owner first

5. Please try and be Active! I understand if you are busy and can't be on much , but please let your partner or people you are Rping with know first :)

6. Please try and stick to your characters personality ^^

7. If two people are role playing, please ask if you can join them before hand. ^^

I think that is all

(extra rules by NarutoXKyubii)

8. No hurtful comments; be nice.

9. Try replying in long paragraphs, so that the RP won't end quickly

10. Keep forums neat and tidy. Quoted posts must be in spoiler.

11. your character must not juggle in between forums ! it'll tire you out quickly ,if you want to move forums/areas, way where you;re going to go in your RP

12. Maximum number of character(s) are 3 per person !

13. have fun ! ^^ invite some buddies if you can

~ Creator and Mod Team ~

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