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The story takes place in modern times, where a group of people where kidnapped and implanted with bits of code. At this moment in time we do not know the people who did this act , but what we do know is the people who were kidnapped have lost all their memories of what happened to them during that time.

When they awoke they had been abandoned in certain areas around Silent city and finally all made their way home, back to their families.

Nothing really happens to the implanted person as such HOWEVER
they do have a very tiny mark at the base of their neck to show that they have been implanted.
This allows people to recognize them and therefore hunt them down so they can kill them. As it is only by killing them that they can obtain the code.

Once all the pieces are together the bearer will have the code for immortality

at first it was just the big organizations that were after the implanted and the pieces of code,
but as soon as they started to employ ordinary people to do their dirty work for them
the information leaked from family members to friends to random strangers the word grew and grew, and now everyone and anyone could be after them.

However not everyone that is un implanted may be after them, there are a few out there that want to help these people survive


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