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30 / Secret ^^
Posted 1/28/08 , edited 1/29/08
Well I've created that topic because most of you didn't added the abilities and special moves of your characters yet in "Intodruce your person for the game!!!" topic. Reading that stuff is real fun (especially in PC RPG games) so I think that it would be fun to reveal something about your characters also in that way :D. Of course: you don't need to write about every (also unused yet) ability, because we need to be a little bit mysterious, right ^^? (I would write about some abilities of my characters later on when the story would progress XD). I REALLY INVITE YOU to join that because I've already readed that your characters have many cool and interesting skills and attacks ^^. Also have fun with creating new one's and adding they descriptions here XD !!!

Lets tell that this is the proper way to post on this topic:

1) Character name

2) His/Her special attacks/spells



Eventual weak points

3) His/Her special abilities/skills



I'm curious what you will write !! Go on it!!
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30 / Secret ^^
Posted 1/28/08 , edited 1/28/08
(I won't reveal many attacks and only post their names right now to make you a little bit curious about them. In the other hand I will reveal all major abilities of him XD.)

1) Dandare Eltanin

2) Special attacks/spells:

I could separate his special moves to 4 types:

Katana swords (name of weapon: "The Nightfall Sisters") attacks:

1st Strike - Internal Burst

Description: Dandare accumulates huge amount of dark energy in his sword (or swords) and legs. Firstly he uses energy in legs to get with flashlight speed behind the opponnent, then he momentaly stabs him in a back with a sword (or swords) and makes free the energy accumulated in blade to burst opponent from the inside with it.

Weak points: It's a one-use attack. Opponent who had seen it is better prepared to evade it.

2nd Strike - Dark Wind

Description: Dandare uses very high speed slash attacks (around 10 per sec with one blade and 20 with two blades at beggining of the story) plus he throws with each slash a cutting portion of dark energy to give the attack quite long range. It's something similar to Irene's or Flora's (from "Claymore" anime) attack's but the "wind-cuts" are pitch black and looks a little bit like they were made of dark fire.

3rd Strike - Death Wish

Description: Dandare gave "Death Wish" name to this attack because noone yet survived it. It's almost 100% deadly attack. To perform it Dandare accumulates very concentrated high amount of energy in his body. After that he is able to attack with a rapidly high speed his enemy with pierce attacks. Dandare could pierce body of opponent over 100 times in 3 sec... and this is how long he can keep performing this attack.

Weak points: Dandare needs almost 5 sec to concentrate enough to perform this attack. Enemy must be in range (around 20 meters) after he's concentrated to be attacked. It's very exhausting attack for Dandare so he couldn't use it to often.

4th Strike - Shadow Dragon Fury (used in eyes awakening form only)

Flail (name of weapon: arabic:"Rastaban"-eng.:"Dragon") attacks:

1st Bind - Rippers Touch

Description: Dandare encircles enemy with his flail's chain with something that looks like chain dome. After that he tightens the dome to immobilize enemy. After that he could make chain spin with high speed to shred enemy in it.

2nd Bind - Ripping Defense

Description: This is defence type move. It creates orb-like defence around Dandare (from a flails chain spinning in very high frequency) that will reflect most of attacks and could shred anyone who would get to close.

3rd Bind - One Hundred Earth Chains (or "band killer")

Description: It is told that when Dandare used this move first time he killed 200 bandits in one strike. And this is how it looks like: Dandare hits ground with his flail. Somehow he could duplicate a chain underground. When attack comes to enemies it looks like ten's (sometimes hundreds) of chains appearing in different places from the underground. The chains could pierce or only immobilize enemies, it depends only on what Dandare wanted to do.

Weak points: The more chains would come the more energy would be consumed. It's a last resort attack for Dandare, which he uses only when it comes to many enemies or when hes quite pissed up.

4th Bind - Earth of Chains (used in eyes awakening form only)

Guns (name of weapon: Chaos Trigger's) attacks:

1st Shoot - Dark Essence

Description: Dandare just uses some demonic energy to make the bullets fly faster, do more damage and leave behind a cool dark streaks ^^

2nd Shoot - Critical Touch

Description: Same as "Dark Essence" but the bullets will explode in impact, so it does a lot more damage.

3rd Shoot - Amethyst Prison

Descrition: Now after hitting the target Bullets will imprison it in amethyst-like crystal.

Weak points: Uses a lot of energy and its not a deadly attack.

4th Shoot - Dark Cannon Blasts (used in eyes awakening form only)


Dark/Demonic/Lifestream ki energy ball

Description: Few types of spell quite similar to fireball that Dandare uses sometimes on enemies.

Hadazawari Kutsuu (japanese->english: "Touch of Pain")

Description: Dandare needs to touch person to cast this spell on it. The person touched by him will experience an horrifying pain (mental and physical).

Hadazawari Kizetsu (japanese->english: "Touch of Fainting")

Dascription: Works similar to "Hadazawari Kutsuu" but only makes a person touched momentaly unconscious

Weak points: Don't work against strong enemies.

Chi Rippuku
(japanese->english: "Earth's Anger")

Description: Since Dandare has much power also for earth magic he at least have two earth magic spells in use ("Lifestream ki energy ball" and "Chi Rippuku").
Chi Rippuku is the stronger one. But why don't he use an earth magic? This spell is good example: in fact it should create large number of stalagnites that would pierce through enemies. Last time when Dandare used this spell he destroyed large part of some village in an earthquake >_>. His earth magic is powerfull but very unstable, so until he's drunk or very angry he probably wouldn't use it.

Dark Gate Portal

Description: Dandare is the only known human (at least a part human ^^') who could cast this dark teleportation spell without incantation. To know how it looks like I would tell that few moments before teleportation a strange circle symbol appears under teleported one. Dandare could use this spell also to teleport other people and even a groups.

Nine Rings Defence Pool

Description: Own made combo of few powerfull anti-dark energy spells. It makes Dandare almost immune to that kind of spells.

Niger Ensis (latin->english: "Dark Blade")

Description: It creates sword-like extension on Dandare's hand made out of purest dark magic energy he could extract. With it Dandare could perform a horribly powerfull attack that could pierce probably any armor or shield (normal or magic). It's a single shoot attack (the use is similar to Chidori or Razengan from "Naruto" series). Later on Dandare will learn a "Constant Niger Ensis" which he could use like a weapon. It's most powerfull attack he could perform in normal state and only he could perform it (it needs both: human emotions and undeads power to perform it).

Weak points: Totaly exhausting. At beggining Dandare lose conscious each time after performing this move (he could even die after that)

Mortifer Irruo (used in eyes awakening form only) (latin->english: "Deadly Attack/Deadly Rush")

3)Special Abilities:

Third eye: His first sensei told him that his strongest point of all chakra points is the 6th point - a "third eye". Dandare trained to use it with magical enhance. After few months he created technique that he called himself "Third eye". When he use it a stragne symbol appears on his forehead. Using this technique sharpens very much Dandare's senses (to that point that he feels: flow of energy all around him, how strong is enemy, how strong and when enemy will attack and even how enemy would react on Dandare's own attacks). The side effect of this training is that Dandare sometimes could feel someones else feeling even without using the technique itself. The technique itself is highly exhausting (mentaly).

Unreadable mind: All mind reading spells ends up with spelluser mentaly injured (or dead). It will be explained in story later on ^^.

No pain: Dandare can cut off pain feeling some way, so it's like he could fight not carrying about many injuries

Midian powers immunity: Thanks to his thalich's nature Dandare is immune to things like changing into a: vampire, zombie or werewolf. He's also immune for mind-control spells.

Weapons creator: Dandare is able to create weapons very well. He created his Flail and romodeled his HK G11 rifles to make them able to use dark spells.

Weakpoint - heart: Any strike in heart could be mortal for Dandare because he cannot regenerate it and its his vital point.

Dragonblood Awakening: Sometimes Dandare's dragon part of blood awakens, what gives him berserk-like power increase. Thats the moment when his eyes become purple and leans cross-like. The more will be revealed in story later on.

Herbology Adept: Since Dandare is unable to perform even weakest healing spell he learned quite a lot about herbology. Right now he's almost a pro and he uses his skills to produce even own medicines. Only disadvantage about herbology is that, that you not always have a proper herbs around ^^'.

Regeneration: Dandare's body could automaticaly regenerate even critical wounds (like blowed up head) but it takes some period of time and probably has some limit. The damage caused from anti-midian weapons and some other powerfull magic stuff is regenerating longer (sometimes few days).
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1. kanto yuu

2. no special names... yuu is very skiiled and apt when it comes to martial arts and sorcery...
and if you read the RP,, you'll see that yuu gives off a very immense and strong aura that can even injure anyone without her moving...with the aura,, yuu is a lot more stronger though her capabilities are yet to be measured..

finally some,, "novak"
a move that is somehow like the "kagebunshin" of naruto though novak is more stronger but also because of that the user will be exhausted more easily and when the other novak is hurt so does the other one..

a very simple move using fire as an element but it can cause tremendous harm if the user is very apt with it..

*be adding more nxt tym through the RP..*

3. yuu is very talented when it comes to healing.. though when used to heal herself.,, she will be exhausted faster..

hmm,, i think this it...
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1. Lockon Stratos

2. HE uses a gudam mobile siut, called " Dynames"!

The design of the Dynames focuses upon long-range artillery and suppressive fire via sniping. To this end, its standard armaments include the GN Sniper Rifle and an assortment of other firearms suited to different combat scenarios. For higher accuracy in targeting, the unit's facial armor can be reconfigured to Sniper Mode, exposing a forehead scope used specifically with a rifle-like control device within the cockpit. The cockpit also contains customized dock for Lockon's Haro, which acts primarily to assist in suit movement and enemy detection. Dynames also has the ability to ride the Kyrios' Mobile Armor mode. The unit's primary thrusters are located behind the hip. Additional missiles may be launched from the compartment within the openable front skirt.

GN Sniper Rifle
A long-barreled beam rifle, which serves Dynames' primary armament during standard sniping missions. The abundant energy output of the GN Drive and the high-performance fire-control system connected with the unit's forehead scope allow for the accurate ground-to-air or air-to-ground sniping of moving targets at extremely high altitude. The rifle may be detached and mounted on a bipod, but is usually secured to the Dynames' right rotatable shoulder dock. A scope is attached above the barrel.

GN Beam Pistol
A pair of small beam-based handguns normally docked on either calf of the unit when not in use. Designed for close-quarters and melee combat, or when the sniper rifle is otherwise inappropriate. A sensor is situated beneath the barrel. Lockon is apt at using these weapons in sneak attacks, especially when the arm movements of Dynames is partially obscured by the GN Full-Shield, hiding Beam Pistol from view.

GN Beam Saber
Two beam-based melee weapons, stored at either side of the moveable rear thrusters. They differ from the Exia's standard-length beam sabers only in grip design, and are capable of the same performance.

GN Shield & Full-Shield
Standard armaments include a small GN Shield, secured upon the rotatable shoulder dock opposite the sniper rifle. Though the jamming effect caused by GN particle release is exploited by the Dynames as a means of obscuring its sniping position, the possibility exists that enemy units may be able to determine its location by triangulating from ballistic trajectory. With counter-sniper tactics in mind, an alternative set of defensive equipment may be selected based on the nature of the mission -- the mantle-like GN Full-Shield, which consists of two shoulder-docked shield extensions, with movable panels that offer varying degrees of frontal protection without impeding unit mobility.

GN Rifle - Extreme Long Range
Optional stationary armaments can be used increase the Dynames' range of fire to include orbital targets. A 20 second recharge is required between shots, and it is likely that the scope of the gundam calculates data necessary to target with sufficient accuracy (taking into account the movement of the orbital target and potential beam refraction in the Earth's atmosphere).

3. He is also a capable sharpshooter with conventional sniper rifles.

Designer: Takayuki Yanase
Allegiance: Celestial Being
Production: Unique Model
Type: Long-Range Sniper Mobile Suit
Height; 18.2 meters
Weight: 59.1 metric tons
Generator: GN Drive
Armor: E-Carbon
Pilot: Lockon Stratos
Armaments: GN Sniper Rifle
GN Beam Pistol x2
GN Beam Saber x2
GN Shield
GN Full-Shield
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1) Sharon Valhof Belmont

2) She has like 2 special attacks only...

- Golden Ring:

A very rare energy barrier that expands like an explotion from her body when has a little "glowy appearance" like 5 times one after another, making anyone or anything to blow away like 10 meters far, and burning everything that it touches with magical flames, that are more difficult to stop that normal fire.The only weak point is that she needs to be still to execute.

-Lightning Strike!:
Like it says in the title, she uses her Cross-over ability to strike soo damn fast like a lightning! its even imposible to see her moves exactly, but the only problem is that only can use it on her right arm.

3) She has like 3 special skills...

- Darkness Mode:

She has the ability to absorb all the negative power arround her not only to make her 20% more strong in magic and physical, its even used to summon something...(you will see later what it is! and that thing even adds some more attacks and abilities.. but that im gonna describe it later)

-Cross-over: its a unique ability that she developed, her arms can be as sharp and dangerous as a sword (and that much powerfull too) but for that she need to touch metal or rocks... thats why she carries a silver cross on her neck.

-Clone-Minded: another strange ability, she can copy enemies skills or spells only when she has been attacked by them, the only problem is that its just for a limited time (like 30 minutes or less, depends of the difficulty of the skill/spell/attack and the level of energy on her body)

-Morph: its the most simple ability..she can transform into 3 animals (a white wolf, a red crow and a white bat) [bonus ability made by the virus presence on her blood so the transformation has no limit time]

Well i think thats the most basic stuff...hope u like it! ^^ its a little difficult to explain it in english XD
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1) Ruka

2) he manipulates force of dream which can guide living creature to world of dreams, effect depends on Ruka's will and on target's psyche
influencing targets sense creates "real" illusion, things that can hurt, taste and smell.
weakness: Need "acumulator", thing which could react with one sense to cast dreams (dumb one cannot hear sound of flute so this "acumulator" wont work on dumbs)

ECLIPSE black sphere covering target and cutting off all his senses, eyes, ears, nose and touch, all are binded in darkness.
(acumulator is thing that goes for at least one sense, it can be sound, light, touch, smell or taste)

Green mist green mist covering target area, silencing area and amortising all impacts dealt in area, it can merge with surrounding objects and flew off them when needed. (accumulator is a sound)

merge proces of entering mist into item and changing its psyche form, merge is possible with all items made of coal so it includes all natural things and alive creatures

mist form through merging mist with alive thing it can forcibily change its shape into one of mist and reconstruct it in any place where mist reach.

creation creates realistic illusion which exists in target imagination and deals psychical damage to target body.

re-creation through merging mist with destroyed objects, moving them and placing into where they belong to.

(will tell about each dream after it will happen)

(not mine, mine drawings are far below average xD)


Ruka is master of creation, his melody affects psyche of universe itself, create everything he imagines.
Kira is brute berserk, his swords cut everyone he fights and his fists lands on everything he can see.
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28 / F / Philippines☺,
Posted 2/1/08 , edited 2/1/08
i wander why some of the characters dont pose their skills,.
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24 / M / General Santos Ci...
Posted 2/7/08 , edited 2/7/08
1. Ruroa Ichigo

2. Force Edged Yamato (Ichigo's sword)

*when in neutral mode*

~Million Stab~- quickly stabs the enemy with blinding speed creating enough momentum to blast the enemy backward.

~Areal Rave~- lunges forward and slice the enemy upward into the sky then performs a multiple sword strike combo in mid air.

~Stinger~- a high speed lunge attack towards the enemy that skewers them through the center.

~Judgment combo~- a 5 part combo which knocks back nearby enemies before slashing down on them

~Star fall~- an aerial attack which releases a wave to attack the enemy below

~Judgment Cut~- unsheathes sword w/ blinding speed to cut through far away enemies.

3. Skills

~Air Trick~- jumps into the air and becomes so fast

~blink strike~- teleport's at the back of the enemy and attacks him

Dark Slayer form- releases a large amount of energy.... I boost's Ichigo's power greatly, he becomes more faster and stronger.... when in this form, his eyes and clothes changes...
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34 / M / Germany
Posted 2/13/08 , edited 2/13/08

Vincent Algondir


Specialist Wizard of Evocation

to get an overview about the schools I use except Conjuration, as this is prohibit do to the fact that Vince specelised in Evocation

The eight schools of arcane magic are abjuration, conjuration, divination, enchantment, evocation, illusion, necromancy, and transmutation. Spells that do not fall into any of these schools are called universal spells.

Abjuration: Spells that protect, block, or banish. An abjuration specialist is called an abjurer.

Conjuration: Spells that bring creatures or materials to the caster. A conjuration specialist is called a conjurer.

Divination: Spells that reveal information. A divination specialist is called a diviner. Unlike the other specialists, a diviner must give up only one other school.

Enchantment: Spells that imbue the recipient with some property or grant the caster power over another being. An enchantment specialist is called an enchanter.

Evocation: Spells that manipulate energy or create something from nothing. An evocation specialist is called an evoker.

Illusion: Spells that alter perception or create false images. An illusion specialist is called an illusionist.

Necromancy: Spells that manipulate, create, or destroy life or life force. A necromancy specialist is called a necromancer.

Transmutation: Spells that transform the recipient physically or change its properties in a more subtle way. A transmutation specialist is called a transmuter.

Universal: Not a school, but a category for spells that all wizards can learn. A wizard cannot select universal as a specialty school or as a prohibited school. Only a limited number of spells fall into this category.


his ace spells (all can only be used once per day)

Mordenkainens Disjunction (strips all magical enhencements, summons etc. away from the targeted area or person)
Meteor Swarm (huge area effect spell)
Mordenkainens Sword (summons a magical sword of own mind, can be turned into a Gate Spell)

ace with unlimited use
True Seeing (alters ones eyes and perception but adds a great strains to ones body)

Edit: Learned a new secret lightning technique ...
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Posted 2/19/08 , edited 5/26/08
Daisuke Morehei //AKO
from outcast to leader of omnitsu ninja ops

1) He doesn't know what powers he possesses, but when every he is under attack, his reflexes kick in.
He's incredibly creative, and works with what he's got

the Organ of Kraus- a gattlinggun/ holy armshield found in the castle then refigured
and a boneknife.

3)Special Skills
hunter prowess, and Bujinkan Aikido (bonebreaking + Striking), TAGTEAM!!!!!!!!

Zakendou- spiritball.
Tsubame Fire ! TSU-BA-ME- HA!!- taught to him by yuu-sensei. he forms a thread of light so mall, then become a huge concentrated beam force that annhialates anything in its path

he can also move through space faster than the eye can see

HA!- kiai power
Recharge- power up
Flowing-- moving really fast from place to place
habberdashing- running quickly with gravity moving forward bcuz you run with your tiptoes
Atemi- Waza: pressure points

Unleash the Hound
He rampages everything in sight with unnatural power- anger
Henshin- Transform--controlled
Henshin No demon- turns into a demon, yet is dignified and humanhearted --controlled

Season three now takes the name AKO
the ninja leader to a rebel group.. the onmitsu ops..

jade gate the legendary sword of worlds
machine gun automatic
and knife
and ninja stars

unleash the demoninside--henshin no devil
Tsuname Fireball
Open the gate.. unleashed a barrage of energy from the jadegate
teleport kick, and punch
heal and Team heal
multiple fireballs..

uncontrollability of darkermind

Limit break-- Catastrophe
flying energy sword
Expressing your existence--Freedom-mode
Ultimate Jade Sword 1, 2, 3.
Ultimate Jade armour
Ultimate JADE Guardian 1, 2, 3
Dimensional exile

other characters

Gabe Malchovik..the gundam fighter

weapons--gundam Archangel... gundam turns into battle ship
hidden smith and wessons
and powersuit

courage power up
540 bicycle kick
electric punch
skydive kick

no food no fuel
fully human

limitbreak-- missile barrage
baby heatseekers
the mama-- a large cannon that transforms on his chest that unleashes a massive beam
mostly used in space for hazardous precautions

tomoe the catgirl
summons beasts from the magic world..the supernatural world
can telepath..with others, and exorcize others

jewel of encarnia-- magic amulet intensifier
magic gloves

spirit help

mortal, and water..cant swim
powers dont work all the time depending on which realm your on.
and in dark realms..darkerbeasts seem harder to control

combo til black out
badgirl unleashed
summon the beastguardian
Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/25/08
Chatachter name: Raid Frostsabre

Type/Race: Undead, Lich

Info on a charachter (history, powers of the lich, about the lich etc.) I allready wrote it but, I basicly just copy past what is in the forum "Introduce your charachter for the game"

Through the use of powerful spells, items and incantations, users of magic have long been able to prolong their mortal lives beyond what is considered to be the standard life expectancy for their particular race. To continue pushing back the fingers of death is a goal that requires years of training, study and research. Although the magic can sustain an individual's life force, inevitably their body will continue to age and wither away as time marches on. Much of this time is spent in further research and this can easily become an all consuming struggle for those concerned.

Evil mages (especially necromancers) and clerics who serve the dark gods have been known to take a different route in the search for what is, essentially, eternal life. Rather than fighting death, they have sought to embrace it, making use of their familiarity with the dark forces acquired through years of evil practise. The end result is that they become liches, creatures that are among the most powerful of the undead.

Having turned its back on life a lich's body will begin to decay. The process continues until all that remains is the creature's skeleton. This may not be readily apparent, however, as a lich will appear in the fine garments and robes that it would have worn in its natural form.

A lich retains the ability to use spells that it had in its previous existence, while this new form grants it immunity to many types of magic and weapons that others may try to use against it.

The simple touch of these creatures can cause injury and death and those not already frozen in terror at the sight of this monster may also become paralysed (unfortunately, having been afflicted, no-one has ever lived long enough to determine if the paralysis is only a temporary condition).

Liches have glowing red eyes which are able to transfix an opponent. This leaves the victim unable to take any action or to defend themselves. The use of this power takes a significant amount of concentration on the part of the creature, which is then limited to controlling any of the legions of the undead that may be nearby.

Liches that were once clerics appear to have a special affinity with other undead creatures. Anyone foolish enough to invade the lair of one of these monsters is likely to encounter several "lesser" undead (acting as guards and servants) before running into the head creature. It's wise to think of these early meetings as warnings of what lies ahead and that, assuming a quick death has been avoided, turning back now is the best course of action.

In the unlikely event that it should require assistance, any lich is able to summon aid to its location. This is accomplished simply as a result of concentration and help will appear in the form of whatever undead is in the local area. While reinforcements can take a few minutes to arrive, this is still extremely bad news for any opponent of the lich (even undead beholders will respond to the monster's call).


1. Raise Dead
Raises 2 Skeletons from a target corpse.

Raise Dead Info:

Skeletons lastas about an 5 hours. They have strenght, ability as an average Swordsman.

2. Frost Nova
Blasts enemy units around a target enemy unit with a wave of damaging frost that slows movement and attack rate.

Frost Nova Info:

People pick the Lich just for the Frost Nova ability. It is a very powerful ability. Frost Nova can take a chunk out of enemy units and destroy low hit point units such as ranged units and spell casters. The second benefit of Frost Nova is that it slows enemy units so it's great to use when they are trying to run away.

3. Frost Armor:
Creates a shield of frost around a target friendly unit. The shield adds armor and slows melee units that attack it.

Frost Armor Info:

Frost Armor is useful for protecting allied Heroes and the Lich Itself. You can also cast Frost Armor on powerful units to allow them to last longer. The slow ability is also useful because enemy units attacking a unit with Frost Armor will be slowed for 5 seconds.

Frost Armor only slows units that attack the unit with a Melee attack.

Frost reduces movement by 50% and attack speed by 25%.

4. Dark Ritual
Sacrifices a target friendly (undead) unit to convert its life into the power for the Lich.

Dark Ritual Info:

Dark Ritual is rarely used but very powerful because it can make the Lich have almost unlimited power for casting Frost Nova. It's best to use Dark Ritual on Skeleton Warriors.

5. Death and Decay (Ultimate)
Damages "everything" in its area of effect by 4% of its life per second.

Death and Deacay Info:
Death and Decay is useful for attacking enemy towns when they have packed their buildings very tightly. You can then destroy a lot of buildings and greatly damage the enemy. Death and Decay is also useful against people who build a lot of towers.

Death and Decay can be used to clear away trees.

Death and Decay Counters
This spell must be maintained to get the full effect. If the spell is interrupted, it will not reach its full power. The caster must not move while casting. Attack the Lich and force him to move which will cancel the Death and Decay.

Weaknesses: close melle combat, holy spells (angel spells)

Advanteges: take greatly reduced phsical damage (only spells can actually harm him), he can heal him self and other udead... when standing on a dead ground (graveyard for instance)
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Posted 7/24/08 , edited 7/25/08
1) Divine

2) Her special attacks/spells:

Name: Soul breaker

Description: It put the victim in their worst nightmare for three minutes or when they die in the dream. It's a ray of light that touches the victims eye.

Eventual weak points: It doesn't really hurt them and can be block or reflected.

Name: Playtime

Description: It's take Divine and a victim to a different realm. It's a mirrior house and she plays with them. A ray of black light that touches the victim's body.

Eventual weak points: can be reflected or block. Divine can be hurt and killed in this process.

Name: Opening of Gates

Description: Divine cut out a door to the victim's personal hell and suck the them into it and closes it.

Eventual weak points: Can only be done when the victim is on their death bed and if fulled with fear.

Name: Lighting Blade

Description: It's a lighting kick that can cut things. It electrocute everything it touches.

Eventual weak point: It's still a kick, It' only on it's her right foot and can be dodge.

Name: Fury of kicks

Description: She kick 60 times in a minute. She also ends it with light slash to the face of the victim or victim.

Eventual weak points: She can only do it once every two hours. Can be dodge,
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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/9/08

Xweeta wrote:

1) Divine

2) Her special attacks/spells:

Name: Soul breaker

Description: It put the victim in their worst nightmare for three minutes or when they die in the dream. It's a ray of light that touches the victims eye.

Eventual weak points: It doesn't really hurt them and can be block or reflected.

Name: Playtime

Description: It's take Divine and a victim to a different realm. It's a mirrior house and she plays with them. A ray of black light that touches the victim's body.

Eventual weak points: can be reflected or block. Divine can be hurt and killed in this process.

Name: Opening of Gates

Description: Divine cut out a door to the victim's personal hell and suck the them into it and closes it.

Eventual weak points: Can only be done when the victim is on their death bed and if fulled with fear.

Name: Lighting Blade

Description: It's a lighting kick that can cut things. It electrocute everything it touches.

Eventual weak point: It's still a kick, It' only on it's her right foot and can be dodge.

Name: Fury of kicks

Description: She kick 60 times in a minute. She also ends it with light slash to the face of the victim or victim.

Eventual weak points: She can only do it once every two hours. Can be dodge,

whoa what's this xweeta very nice! playtime sounds like itll make someone go crazy
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Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
Diasuke Niwa

special abilities

able to become Dark when he feels love for his special some one...
can fly with With's help, can use magic and many tricks

knows binding spells, can use black lightning beams using the replica rutile given to him by Dia-chans father.
can go back in time using spells but only limited time. ...
uses feathers as main weapon and as a wand to cast spells...
thats all i recall for now hehe

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