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Posted 1/17/14 , edited 1/18/14
Written by SlayerNatsu

Alright, let's not pretend that "Infinite Stratos 2" is something original. It's not. We have all seen harems in anime before; this is no different. The story consists of one oblivious main character, Ichika Orimura, and a whole lot of girls vying for his attention.

Watching the first season is definitely a must, as "Infinite Stratos 2" wastes no time in introductions. Ichika is the only man who can use an "Infinite Stratos" or "IS," a weaponized exoskeleton with enormous power, which makes him a super hot commodity. Houki, Cecilia, Huang, Laura, and Charlotte all return for another round with Student Council President Tatenashi, and her little sister Kanzashi joining the fray of over-the-top competition for Ichika's affection. What would seem as a filler to many; is actually a standard affair here. Although, it is quite remarkable, how well it kept my attention.

I must point out something: I cannot recall a main character as dense as Orimura... EVER! After the girls fight for a chance to be his roommate and a "cater to Ichika Orimura service battle," any normal man would get the hint. I'm assuming, when a group of girls wear revealing bunny outfits to next to nothing at all in celebration of your birthday, they might have a thing for you.

Honestly, I thought I would appreciate season two more than I did, as I was a huge fan three years ago. My dilemma is that it seems so, for lack of a better word, lifeless. The animation, music, action (when there is any), is fine; but there is no real plot. In some cases, as I mentioned in my other review, "I couldn't become the hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job" works perfectly; but sadly, the same cannot be said for "Infinite Stratos 2". My recommendation would be to start on episode seven, as that is where the show picks up.

On a side note, I happened to see an episode broadcasted through a different service while the visuals looked crisp and clear on Crunchyroll. The same could not be said for the competition. If you happened to enjoy the first season, give this a shot! Otherwise, it’s best to stick with "Yu-Sibu."
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Posted 1/19/14 , edited 1/19/14
I would love to see this anime, even in english, but is not for my región Y-Y
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Posted 2/10/14 , edited 2/11/14

LIGHTDX wrote:

I would love to see this anime, even in english, but is not for my región Y-Y

That's a shame :(
Crunchyroll attempts to get as many regions as possible. Who knows what the future holds.
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Posted 3/21/14 , edited 3/21/14
isnt this all just a rehash of Parallel Duel?
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