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Posted 2/3/14 , edited 2/6/14
Written by Onymous

The series begins with a premise reminiscent of .hack//SIGN. After an event referred to as The Apocalypse, players in the world’s most popular MMORPG, Elder Tale, all find themselves experiencing the game as if they exist within it and are unable to log out.

With The Apocalypse a culture shift started in the Elder Tale. Trapped in the world and with nothing to do, players have gone about adventuring to gather resources and stave off boredom. The changes to the game, like the removal of the minimap, have made the world much more dangerous. Players have taken to player killing as a way to quickly accrue resources.

To remain safe, many players attempt to join guilds for mutual protection. Old and established guilds have grown larger and smaller guilds have all but disappeared. The most influential players now wield a great deal of political power and command over a great number of players. Some guilds begin to exploit lower level players for their crafting abilities or simply as extra bodies to take some of the damage in combat.

The story follows Shiroe, an enchanter and strategist of a defunct legendary and mysterious group of players known as Debauchery Tea Party. After The Apocalypse, Shiro forms a group with his best friend Naotsugu, who plays a guardian, and Akatsuki, an assassin and hard core roleplayer. Together they attempt unravel the mystery of The Apocalypse.

While there is a good amount of mystery to the setting, the genre of Log Horizon could best be described as adventure. Every episode you are introduced to new aspects of the world of Elder Tale including new races, monsters, environments, and players.

With each discovery you also come to appreciate Shiroe’s power and influence. The recognition he receives from others, his knowledge of the unique and dangerous elements of the game they encounter, and his connections with other high level players make it clear he was a big figure in the game before the Apocalypse. His strategic savvy and game knowledge also play a large factor during fights as he dictates his groups strategy and uses his supportive spells to orchestrate victories against extremely tough odds.

Although significantly less labyrinthine than the plot of .hack//SIGN, Log Horizon has its fair share of thoughts to keep you up at night. The series spends time to establish that everyone has lives outside of the games and has no knowledge regarding the current state of their body. Nonplayer characters also seem to have developed sentience, creating some tension when players continue to treat them as artificial intelligence.

The series is surprisingly fresh for what has become a fairly set formula in MMORPG series. It goes places other series don’t and addresses how real world issues like eating would present themselves in the setting. The characters have are surprising free of stereotypes for this sort of genre as well. All the while you pick up hints of a back story regarding Shiroe’s former group that seems very relevant to the event that caused everyone to be locked within the game. This plot thread keeps things interesting as you never know when the next hint will drop.
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Posted 2/28/14 , edited 2/28/14
How will we learn if this show is extended beyond 26 episodes? Do we have any information on how the show is doing in Japan?
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Posted 3/11/14 , edited 3/11/14
I hope the show continues after this season. It's VERY good. I at first wrote it off as a SAO clone, but quickly got rid of that mentality. The world is very mysterious and there are so many different directions this could go. Not only that, but it's nice to have a main character that is kinda socially awkward.
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