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Posted 1/17/14 , edited 1/18/14
Written by Anonymooo

Despite my sunny and positive outlook when it comes to entertainment, I’m actually pretty jaded when it comes to anime. How many superpowered schoolgirls with magical weapons have you seen? How many bored, put-upon main characters (who are secretly hiding immense power) have you seen? Now how many of these two character types have you seen in an anime based off a series of light novels?

I’d love to see a main character who somehow doesn’t mind doing schoolwork

In the world of Strike the Blood, the Fourth Primogenitor is the most powerful vampire on Earth--someone who should be under constant surveillance in case he decides to go rogue. Naturally, the world-watching Lion King organization, wanting to protect the circle of life and thinking you should be prepared in any situation, sends an elite magic-weapon-wielding operative called a Sword Shaman to keep an eye on him… and eliminate him if necessary. Two small problems, though: the Fourth Primogenitor is an ordinary-ass high school student named Akatsuki Kojou who is very aware of his “condition” and has no intention of ever abusing his immense powers, and the Sword Shaman sent to mind him is kind of a klutz.

It’s a wonder she hasn’t cut her own head off yet by sheer accident

Her name is Yukina. She’s armed with a lethal silver spear, possesses fighting abilities that few can match, and really needs to get out more. Easily fooled by the simplest of ruses, Yukina may not have been the best choice to keep an eye on a guy who’s essentially a vampire god. But hey, she’s what we’re stuck with, so we make do as best as we can--and naturally, there’s… something there between the two of them. Of course, Kojou develops quite the harem as the series continues, as other Sword Shamans join the fight against the dark forces massing for some as-yet-undefined evil goal.

For the record, I would totally use god-level vampire powers for personal gain

Aside from the blistering action and some pretty likeable characters, I really enjoy how Strike the Blood is clearly divided into arcs, each one with a pretty reasonable conclusion. You know there’s more to the story, but the series really lends itself to viewing in 4-5 episode chunks: get introduced to some new characters, meet a new bad guy, get some character development…

Do the “will they won’t they” of whether or not Kojou’s gonna drink Yukina dry…

Strike the Blood doesn’t do all that much new. It has a lot of familiar elements that you’ll see in a lot of modern, popular shows--regular action, some fanservice, some comedy, romantic tension, harem hijinx, and some pretty cool supernatural world-building--but don’t let that turn you off. The series’ gorgeous visuals and character designs are only the icing on a damn good time--be sure to check out Strike the Blood, streaming every Friday!
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