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Posted 1/5/14 , edited 1/5/14
Yo, I've been using CR actively for a almost almost 18 months or so now, and well to be honest: There are some points that I believe are in need improvements. Among these are mainly related to the player; as my net has become more and more unstable due to problems on my ISP's side: It makes buffering where you can't prebuffer the whole/or at least more than 10-30 seconds ahead in the movie a pain, as it will randomly start to lag. I've had the problem to some degree from the start, but it has reached the point where I'm growing tired of it.

So well I'll make a list, and point out stuff which needs or could use improvements:

*Enable full movie buffering instead of stream.
You should also add an extra buffer bar which indicates how much you've buffered.

Reason(s): I don't really wanna pay for something that only works 50%....

*"Next" button on the player should work the same way as the "Previous"/"Next" buttons on YouTube do.
Load the video through the already open full screen, and change page after flash window is, instead of closing the flash window in order to change page.

Reason(s): Ease of access, more convenient as you won't have to:
Close the window> load next page > Full Screen.

*Add scenes to the movies before uploading them and add a skip to next scene button
Like there's a lot of animes use the following "format":
Recap/Intro>OP>Part 1>(commercial brake which we don't get)>Part 2>ED>Preview/or info
What I'm requesting is a button which can skip an individual part of the current movie, especially aimed at the OP.

Reason(s): Easier to skip, few people actually watch any OPs, and OPs mostly only spoil.
(Especially YOU should add it, since while in full screen the "progress bar" only is visible while the mouse is being moved. As opposed to being there for 1-2 seconds.)

*"My Queue" is currently a kinda useless feature, as it doesn't provide any form of playlist, and especially for those who mostly watch new releases. Since the front page provides... just more... (News, release dates, etc.)
I'd rather be able to have a "Watch next" playlist as on youtube. However you could improve it to the "next level!"
Which would be that when a new episode is released, it will automatically be added to the "My queue/Watch next" list.

Reason(s): Ease of access, it's simply more convenient, and "My queue" will actually get a function which makes it a valid choice to use, instead of the frontpage/simulcast page.

Well I guess that's about it, at least from my experience. However, I'll add that if this is ignored I'll post it in the "General Discussion" thread. This is in order to expose the ideas to more users, as well as to get more peoples views on the topic, in other words more feedback. This in turn should be something you will profit on, though I'll also profit on it.

P.S. I'm expecting that if you upgrade your player at all, you'll also implement HTML5, thus I felt no need to include it the the list itself.
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