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.............DESCRIBE YOUR FIRST MAJOR CRUSH!! I'm curious......

Posted 1/7/14 , edited 1/8/14
@aworldofjoy that was interesting, thanks for sharing

As for my major crush...I think it was when I had 6 years....yep. My first love. He was my "boyfriend" too lol but of course, at age 6 the most we did was look at one another and smile I think we held hands too.

Up until now, he remains in my mind like a sweet memory. Of all the guys in my life, I can remember his name and face perfectly and I haven't gotten any crushes since then.
Posted 1/7/14 , edited 1/8/14
Was really short and pale.
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30 / M / Pinellas Park, FL
Posted 1/7/14 , edited 1/8/14
First crush huh?

10th Grade. West Indian(Trinidadian). Luscious mulatto skin and vibrant brown eyes. Jet black hair that was like watching ocean waves crash on a moonlit night. 5'2" just by guest-a-mation. Quirky, wild, smart, and affectionate. I could go on...

I used to study in the library and she worked there. I didn't notice her at first but small talk led to frequent encounters. Still didn't make anything of it. She then used to start pestering me during my studies/homework cram. I.E. She used to find it amusing to kick my ass....literally. So I ended up playing that annoying guy who doesn't know when to stop asking why and has no sense about personal space.

One thing led to another and we kind of started going out. Long story short is that I was the one who messed up. Nothing like cheating but I did make some stupid, selfish decisions and by the end of 11th grade I never saw her again.
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19 / M / [Insert Reference...
Posted 1/7/14 , edited 1/8/14
First crush?


Actually no

Let's set a few premises. I have a face equivalent to a horse's ass. I have the self-confidence of an overachieving slug. I have the wittiness of a brain dead zombie.

She was pretty fucking smart compared to the rest of the assholes there. Pale too, and she was pretty- not like hot, or cute, but pretty, like staring at a nice mountain pretty. Best way I can say it- moe. I didn't want to have weird, awkward pre-teen makeout sessions with her- no, I wanted to cuddle her. (I actually did once) Anyways, as most stories of mine go, I was too much of a pussy to do shit, and this was a long running crush. From 5th Grade all the way to the ripe old age of 13, I was crushing on her hard. She was pretty oblivious to every single hint I dropped, me being an enormously awkward motherfucker. Anyways, I moved, distance weakens emotions, but I can honestly say that sort of feeling I've never felt ever again. Although, it's been about a year, so who can tell what'll happen next?

Shit, this is really fucking cliché. Next I'll meet her when I'm fucking 25 or something- and BAM! Romantic comedy out the ass.

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25 / M / 'MERICA
Posted 1/7/14 , edited 1/8/14
My first MAJOR crush I was 16. I had just gotten out of a relationship that was unhealthy for me since she was a evil bitch (pardon my french) who enjoyed creating a lot of problems for me. I had absolutely no interest in dating for the rest of the time I was in HS due to my addictions to WoW and not trusting anyone. Anyways, on with the story..

So it's the first day of my last trimester as a junior as I walk into Coach Kelsey's class for Oklahoma History (this was also my first class of the day) and they told us to sit wherever. Doesn't matter, just pick a seat. So, at this point my confidence is shaky(I'm only confident with a wingman) and I see 4 attractive girls sitting together as they usually do. Me being me, I didn't want anything to do with them at all, but my good friend Devon just happens to be sitting in their general location so I sit there reluctantly. As I'm walking to my seat I just happen to look down, no real reason (I'm 6"2 so I'm fairly tall) other than I just felt like it and that's when I made eye contact with the single most beautiful girl on the entire planet. I literally kept walking for fear I might not be able to stop staring if I don't leave quickly. Coach Kelsey happens to be late today so we all talked for a while and chit-chatted & got to know each other, which is weird considering I went to a VERY small school.

I didn't breathe a word that day, I was terrified of sounding like an idiot in front of her. It was the first time in my life I had ever been truly scared of failing, so much so that I didn't even want to attempt talking to her because I knew she was way out of my league. Even with my wingman I couldn't speak, I wouldn't even speak in class or read for fear of reading to fast and messing up my words in front of her. Now I want you to understand, when I say beautiful, I mean that from my perspective. She had long brown-reddish hair, brown eyes, small frame, no T&A at all. None. I don't know what it was.. She smiled at me and I quite literally lost my man-card and became a bitch.

Anyways, back to the story! About a week later she's singing (best thing I've ever heard in my life, even surpasses Tom Delonge's voice!) and my buddy Devon obviously knows I'm attracted to her, so he tries setting me up with a chance to talk to her. He asks her to sing to me since I'm having a "rough" morning (I actually stayed up all night playing WoW) so she turned around and started singing to me. The following conversation went as such:
Her: *singing*
Me: That's not necessary, some of us prefer you not to sing.
Her: haha, you like my singing!
Me: Heh? Nobody likes your singing! You're adopted!
Her: *busts out laughing* I AM ADOPTED!
At that point in moment I felt like the scum of the earth! She didn't mind at all, that's her nature. She's a very kind, gentle and loving person who makes you feel all warm and gooey on the inside.
Well, prom was around the corner and I didn't know what to do. This would be my first prom but I wouldn't be able to attend as I come from a very poor family who sometimes didn't make ends meet, so I wouldn't be able to get a tux and go. Which wasn't that big of a deal considering the only girl I wanted to go was in a very committed relationship. So after countless hours of throwing myself inside of WoW to make me not hate myself and to stop feeling depressed, I went to school the following Monday and say behind her once again.
I started flirting with her as usual where she kinda isn't really flirting back. I figure she's just tired or whatever, maybe on her period? I don't know, there isn't a DBM addon for girls!

She turns around and starts talking to her girlfriends, she shows them her hand which has a promise ring on it and tells them that she lost her virginity to him. At that point it took everything I had not to go home and just lose myself in WoW again. I decided to sneak out of class and smoke some illegal substances behind the school work shed where I came back and waited for the day to end.

Fast forward: Senior Year

I'm tired of typing- time to shorten this up.
Girl and boy break-up. I see my chance and I take it. Happiest I've ever been with this girl, she leaves me not long after telling me she couldn't stand using me as a rebound relationship.
My heart is literally broken and I don't even know what to do with myself. I skip a week of school and start doing more drugs and playing more WoW to pass the time. (fuck me, right? Weak ass punk-kid) we get into an argument for the first time sometime later and she bitches about me doing drugs and then I pull out the I don't give a fuck card so she starts crying and then everything that defies logic is that I fight my hardest not to cry along side her. I tell her that I'm sorry, I'm quitting drugs right now, I'll be her friend again as long as she stopped crying. It was the most painful thing I've ever heard in my life.

We fall apart again, I join the army she hooks up with other guys, I hook up with her friend, her and I reconnect & fall apart again.

I deploy for a year, found God, found the gym, found my true friends and found my confidence. I'm meeting up with her for coffee tomorrow and for the first time so far, I'm not interested in being in a relationship with her.

That was a fuck ton. Never again >.<
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24 / M / California
Posted 1/7/14 , edited 1/8/14

Deep story man , keep strong and keep looking forward . Hope everything goes well
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M / The Great White N...
Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/8/14
It's grade 9. There's a really beautiful cute girl who keeps to herself but typically had a bubbly personality. She was also an otaku of sorts, though she had a hearing impairment so she didn't talk with people much.

School group work and whatnot got us acquainted and we became friends over time. In highschool I asked her out, she said she was completely surprised and said she'd think on it and tell me when she's ready. Never happened, we drifted apart, I never talk to her anymore.

I've had a few more since then, with comparable results. I'm not wasting time and energy on women anymore.

2D is all that satisfies me now.
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M / Shioshishio
Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/9/14

Davidvauhn wrote:

First major crush was in 7th grade, in 8th grade I told her I liked her...Her response? "No you don't."

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M / Shioshishio
Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/9/14

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28 / California
Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/9/14
My first major crush I believe it was in the 6th grade,
She was a transfer student and didn't was pretty shy at first when she first transferred to our class (no surprise though right). I think I was the first guy in class to just welcome her to the school as a friend (most of the others where either talking about her or saying stuff like she's cute and what not). At first I just thought "Hey, lets be friends" I had no affection towards her. Over time she became the most lively one in the class, and she became one of my best friends, and over time I started to like her more and more, but then my other best friend (we'll call him R and her L) also liked her. So one day my friend R told me he liked her and asked L out, R knew I liked L and I knida found out that he liked her as well. so I told R I was happy for him, and I was but I was also really sad. one day during free time L asked who I liked? I tried to not tell her but I did in the end. L was kinda surprised and asked why, so I told her why, but since both of my best friends we're dating each other I told them both that I would always be a friend to them. of course I meant every word I said but I could not stop having feeling for her, but all in all we stayed as best friends. eventually L moved away and later R & L broke up. We are all separated now and I no longer had my romantic feelings for her. L and me still keep in contacted and we are still best buds, she's just got engaged a few weeks ago. I tried to stay in contacted with R, we don't talk anymore but the last things we said and agreed on is that we will always be friends.
It's not much of a story romance wise and I'm sure it could be told better but thank you for reading this if you did.
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21 / F / Location? I have...
Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/9/14
As far as I'm aware I've always appreciated guys. I wouldn't say crush but more like your hot and nice to look at or your funny and cute.
It was the day before the first day of high school so I was in 9th grade. I was nervous as hell and asked my older brother who was a 12th grader about the people on our bus. I go to a small vocational school so there is only like 10 people on your bus at one point and they become like family. So as he was describing all the other people he mentioned one guy. He was in 11th grade. My bro was like yeah this guy is a real tool and a dick; if you want people to laugh make fun of him. So going into the first day of school I had that impression of him. He wasn't that attractive at all and I was like who would date this guy because he really was like my bro said.

But of course I couldn't get him out of my head. As freshman year went on we became really good friends. He actually was super nice... well at least to me lol. We teased each other a lot and texted each other practically every second.

And so the naive freshman me fell HARD. And when I say hard I truly mean it. Summer vacation was approaching fast and I didn't want the year to end even though school was tough and I couldn't wait to laze around during the summer. Well school came to an end and for the first week of summer break i was depressed because I was scared that our friendship would end because we wouldn't be seeing each other every day for awhile.

But then he texted me saying that he'll be in New Mexico for like a month for Boy Scout stuff. I was like noooooooooooo lol. He had no service and could only text me when he was in town. And so the summer went by faster than ever and then it was the first day of 10th grade.

In October of sophomore year, Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast and our school sustained a lot of flood damage. In the mean time our school was relocated to another building. I used to have a 1 hour bus ride to and from school and it probably was my favorite part of the day because we rode the same bus. But the new school building was so close to my house that the new bus ride was only about 15 minutes and he was one of the last to be picked up. Nooooo again lol.

At this point I've known him for a year and been good friends with him for just about 8 months. In other words i really knew nothing about him; well his more personal life. Just before my freshman year he was going steady with this girl but they broke up. Sophomore year they happened to get back together. I was crushed but it seemed he really loved her especially when he told me about their upcoming date with a huge smile on his face. I had to face reality but we still remained close friends. He ended up being dumped by her and he was so depressed. I couldn't stand looking at him sad. We still texted a lot and even when he was away on vacation he made an effort to text me. (Since he was in a foreign country his phone could only work with wifi so unless he texted me first i couldn't text him.)

But after that incident everything went in a downward spiral. For some reason he began to text me less and less. Even when he initiated the conversation he would stop after a few texts. A few months earlier we would talk from when we got home from school until i had to go to bed. I still have no idea what caused this but i guess we weren't as close as i thought we were. This kept up until he graduated that year.

I'm currently a 11th grader and haven't talked to him in forever. I miss him a lot because even if he was never to like me he was still someone I though of as a friend. I'm scared to attempt to get in contact with him because I don't want to mess up plus I'm shy too.
I'm in this awkward state because I still technically have a crush on him because I go to a small school and since I already know who everyone is I don't really like any other guys the way I like him. So yea I would like to move on but I'm in a stalemate. Hahaha
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21 / florida
Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/9/14
Mine started around 4th grade with a guy I met at an afterschool program. We didn't go to the same school, but we still got to play together every day. He would always do flips off of the jungle gym and liked to show off a bit when we played team games. And he could dance. He could make up a dance and have the entire group of kids follow the moves he was doing. He had a cool mohawk too. I don't know when it was when I actually realized I liked him like that, but I was always wanting to be around him and talk to him.
That went on for the rest of 4th and 5th grade, and in 6th grade we started going to the same middle school.
I hadn't told anyone about my crush on him for all of that time, which was... 3 years?
One day around the beginning of 6th grade, my best friend, my crush, and I were walking home from school together since we all lived in the same neighborhood. My crush went ahead, so I finally had the chance to tell my friend that I liked "him". She was the first person I had ever told, and what she said to me was that she liked him too.
I got to my house and my friend continued on to catch up with my crush.
She called me later THE SAME DAY to tell me she made out with him. Obviously knowing how I would feel about it. Aaaaand they ended up going out for a year, my so-called 'best friend' not even giving one care to me.
Anyway... it turned out okay, because "he" got lice later on and had to shave his mohawk.
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21 / Florida, US
Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/9/14
Hmmm, let's see...

In 9th grade, I had to transfer into a high school at the start of the second semester, mainly because I had surgery on both of my legs, putting me in casts for too long to go to school for first semester...And even in second semester, I still wore the casts for a bit, able to walk on my own to some extent. Due to this, though, I didn't really...make...friends. Eventually one kid started talking to me because I was messing with a game he recognized, and I quickly became friends with his friend. So I sort of got a group. One boy (Turns out the one who talked to me wasn't totally friends with the person I made friends with), two girls.

The boy was nice, funny, but...not bright. Of the girls, one was smart and loved to debate. The other was, I guess, the giggly type who is always fun to be around? I don't know. I got along well enough with each of them. However, one day, the smart girl sort of brought a new boy into our group, and damn, did he PISS ME OFF. Almost everything I said to him would end in an argument. We just could not get along. However, the group still generally liked him, so I was forced to deal with it.

On the subject of our group, we used to do gmail chats while at school a lot, so we all had each others' emails. One night I happened to log on to my gmail, and the one boy was online. I was like "wtf" but ignored it, not really wanting to talk to him...Untilllll he said hi to me, seemingly just as surprised that I was online as I was to his presence. I ended up talking to him just to be polite, but eventually he happened to mention that he was watching an anime, which absolutely shocked me. If you ever spoke to him, you would not think he's the type. Well, regardless, because of this, my interest in him was piqued, and I started talking more and more, despite our disagreeing...

It was a few months later when I realized that I had accidentally gotten a crush on him. The other boy in the group pushed me to tell him, and I ended up spitting it out. When I asked if he liked me, he immediately said a simple, "no." However, after a moment of processing what he had said in a bit of a panic, he seemed to come to a decision and said, "maybe a little."

Fast forward months later, where neither of us had brought it up since then, despite the crush slowly becoming like a void in me. One night he happened to slip up on the chat and acted strangely friendly, more than usual. (At this point we had stopped our arguing to an extent and were good friends) In the end, he completely slipped due to something I had said and admitted to liking me rather a lot.

But, once again...We dropped the subject afterwards. Until several MORE months later. At that time, someone had openly admitted to having a crush on me. Unfortunately, I kind of disliked him...However, it was enough to set my crush over the edge. Knowing he didn't want me to be stolen away, I gave him the opportunity he was too scared to take...and asked him out. For once, I got a straight answer out of him, and he said yes.

We're still together, by the way. It's been quite a bit.
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Posted 1/11/14 , edited 1/12/14
uwu This thread is adorable!

Aha, here I go, about to reveal how naive and inexperienced I am.

My first major crush was at the end of 11th grade, high school. I ended up liking this one guy in my year that I've sort of known since freshman year, but never really befriended because I was hella shy as a 14 year old. He caught my attention from the start, but I was a really embarrassing weeaboo, and he seemed sort of normal so I stayed veeeeery far away, because that sort of person had an intimidating presence to me at the time. I couldn't look those types of people straight in the face because I'd blush. Suddenly, more than halfway through high school, this guy I'd hardly ever spoken with sat next to me on the bus, because there were no seats left. A mutual female friend of ours sat next to him and the three of us squeezed into one seat.
And their conversation was /adorable/. It was silly and pointless and they just kept making this gimmicky cute gestures and sounds at each other, but he instantly made an impression on me because here was a high school boy doing things high school boys don't usually do, and on top of that, he was able to draw a cute side out of a girl I thought of as responsible and composed. I don't have a clue how I fit in at that time, but he invited me into Key Club, and I ended up joining by myself, even though I'd normally never go anywhere without my friends.

I joined Key Club, and it was awful. I was by myself for once, not surrounded by the familiar presence of people I had known for years, and I was a really reserved kid, awful at making friends. I was polite and friendly, but I held people at a distance, and unless we were super close, I would have a hard time finding anything to say. So I attended each club meeting without fail, listened quietly to the week's report, then go home.
But on volunteer events, that boy would see me, working alone, and invite me to join him and his friends. It was a simple gesture, but I was embarrassed and thankful, and they were super welcoming and open to my presence, even though I was a total stranger, an alien in their circle. Again and again after that, though we never really became good friends, he'd see me alone and invite me in, to make sure I wasn't lonely, and I'd see him and his friends do this again and again to anyone that they caught by themselves. That just wasn't something that happened. People had cliques, and they stuck to their cliques, but these guys would invite and cheerfully tease anyone they thought didn't look like they were having fun.
And to the shy 16 year old me who yearned for bright company, that simple gesture of kindness was a fall-in-love level act.

I denied it and told myself I didn't have a crush, or it was some silly infatuation, but I ended up looking for ways to get closer to him, joining clubs, looking for him in classes, and was thrilled every time I found out something new, and when I'd see him paying attention to other girls, I'd feel a little disappointed. After a while I just couldn't say it wasn't a crush anymore. There just weren't many opportunities to talk to him without being obvious though, so I ended up remaining an acquaintance.
He was silly, and bright, and friendly to an unbelievable level, always filled with energy and ready to go. He'd tease anyone with the same level of familiarity he showed to his personal friends and somehow managed to expertly juggle school work, clubs, volunteer work, and his hobbies, and maintain that undying sunny disposition. His aspirations were (literally) higher than all of ours, and he got there without publicly breaking a sweat.
Anytime I felt like I'd fail, I'd look to him and be reassured that I had the ability to do it, I just needed to try harder.

:I I knew from the start a relationship wouldn't be possible at all though; I felt too far below him. So I resigned to admiring from afar, which I was happy with, and February, my senior year, the girl I was rooming with on a club field trip came back to our room late and giddily confessed she had just kissed him on his cheek and ran away. They started dating at the end of the year, and two years into college, miles away from one another, they're still dating, and they honestly seem like a sugary sweet and happy couple, and I'm glad I parted with what I did.
Every so often though, especially right after graduation, I'd somehow think he would be nearby, or mistake someone for him and blush furiously upon realizing my expectations. Most of my memories of high school are a blur, but I can still remember all the little things he'd do to embarrass me, the brief exchanges we had on those volunteer events, that DECA State Conference that would have been a completely unhappy memory if it weren't for his presence.

It was a silly crush, idealized beyond who he actually was, but it happened.
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Posted 1/11/14 , edited 1/12/14
Well, there kind of...are none.

In high school, I would somehow have this harem. Like a typical harem lead, this happened completely naturally and I had minimal romantic feelings for anyone in the "harem". I remember there was this one class (we had four a day, so it was a rather long time) in which the girl that sat in front of me and I would enter into some odd, mostly (but definitely not completely) verbal S&M-type things. I'm not sure how, but we didn't get into any trouble. Of course, I couldn't let the secret that I was an M out to everyone in school, so I had to hold in my M-ness.

Too Long; Didn't Read- My high school life=anime
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