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Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/13/14
Just a drawing I did of Ichigo. While I was inking I was also experimenting with my new Tachikawa G-Pen and in the process I made my lines WAY too thick (that or I just have a seriously bad habit of putting too much pressure on the pen..... -_-). I started off using a Zebra G-Pen and it kept requiring me to add too much pressure to get ink to come out, and thus why most of the first lines I did were really thick. Once I switched to the Tachikawa I was able to control my lines a little bit better. You might (or might not) be able to tell a difference between the shihakusho (kimono) and the head, which were inked with the zebra pen, and the left arm/hand and sword, which were inked with the Tachikawa nib. I can tell a difference but maybe that's just me.
Anyway, most of it boils down to the fact that I'm still just not superb with dip pens of any sort yet. Guess I'll just keep practicing. If any of you have any critique you feel you need to share let me know. The next project will be of another beloved Shonen Jump Character...... who, oh who could it be? ;)


Different Version. Was having trouble one day getting ideas so I added a little single shade color and some font to celebrate 2014!! ^_^
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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/26/14
Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2013.
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