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Posted 1/10/14 , edited 1/11/14
So, like some crazy people, I am trying to get a spot in the Kantai Collection. In order to do so, I must proxy over to Japan. I am fine with not being able to watch anything on crunchyroll (ok, no I am not), but while I sit here watching my auto-refresher do it's thing every 5miinutes, I want to browse around CR.

Problem? EVERY page load, ANYWHERE, and you get the "Not available in Japan yet." Has a little 10 second countdown, or you can just click "continue"

I understand the need to inform people that try to access the site in Japan that they can't use this site, but do you really have to force us to click through that prompt every time? Can you get a script that checks off in the cache/cookies that we have already seen that? Thanks.
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