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29 / M / The heart of Linc...
Posted 2/23/14 , edited 2/23/14

Scarlet-the-Great wrote:

There's already a fighting gym leader in gen 4, the pink haired girl whose name I can't remember at the moment.

More unique fighting types and make it 1 of the harder gyms. I'd like to see it as more of a challenge like the 1st gen with the dojo/old gym.

They normally use the same type gyms lately, so a change would make next gen interesting.
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29 / M / The heart of Linc...
Posted 2/23/14 , edited 2/23/14

kelvinharrison wrote:

It would be cool if they added a difficulty setting upon starting the game so us hardcore pokemon players could get more of a challenge. Also, I'd like to see a normal/ghost pokemon. It would be immune to ghost, normal, and fighting moves.

Interesting pokemon dual type, either be a legendary or hard to get 1.
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29 / M / The heart of Linc...
Posted 2/23/14 , edited 2/23/14

ktsjr15 wrote:

I would like a game that acts more as an Mmo than a Pokemon game. Like not actually an Mmo, but a persistent world where people from your friends list also appear and can challenge you at any point except for the Elite 4 and Gyms. That way, you would be able to have events that can only happen when a certain number of people are in the world. Like a legendary dog event where you and two other friends participate in a triple battle. You would have to talk to each-other to figure out which one each person wants to catch, I think it would be an interesting edition. Hell, maybe even make it so the last person that beat the Elite 4 on your friends list is the person you have to challenge for the title, though that could be NPC controlled.

A semi mmo would be interesting, rather than just everyone playing at same time, you meet up with friends/friend codes across world. Not sure how capturing 1 pokemon would work, but battling horde/waves would be interesting.
Or fighting the evil teams hideout where each person takes a different route but all have to help out to achieve victory. Exception would be npcs for those who go through solo.
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27 / M / Maryland
Posted 3/4/14 , edited 3/5/14
The option to choose whether you want to single-battle, double-battle, triple-battle, or rotation-battle a gym leader
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23 / Pennsylvania
Posted 3/6/14 , edited 3/7/14
heres some more ideas

what about the champion is actually the leader of the evil organization

6 vs 6 battles

Little overkill but maybe handy cap battles similar to horde battle (1 vs 2 pokemon, 1 vs 5 pokemon battle, etc)

maybe another new type

more eevee evolutions

being tricked into joining/helping the criminal organization

ability to switch from easy mode, normal mode, hard mode and a sadist level hard

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29 / M / The heart of Linc...
Posted 1/23/15 , edited 1/23/15
I do hope we get a full 100+ of new pokemon this time around. Just strange how there was a lot less new pokemon this time around.
Posted 6/14/16 , edited 6/14/16
I want another goofy Pokémon like Kelfki. People hate Pokémon like Klefki but I see that, understand it's goofy and love it.
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Posted 6/15/16 , edited 6/16/16
Break the damn cut and paste 8 gym, elite four pattern. I played gen I, Gen II, Gen III, Gen V and a bit of Gen VI. After the 4th game I feel like they're all the same. Maybe Co-Op double battles and more than 1 region. Heart Gold and Soul Silver are still my favorite. Maybe get rid of the stupid PC police and bring back slots, I miss those
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21 / M
Posted 6/16/16 , edited 6/16/16
Can't wait for these games! I'm not into Pokemon nearly as much as I used to be, but I like the idea behind these ones. I'm going to be getting Moon for sure.
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27 / M / Texas
Posted 6/17/16 , edited 6/17/16
I think what would be too good to be true would be a linked region game, where all the regions are in 1 game. When you visit each previous region there are some semblances from what you remember, but everything is altered, stronger, faster, etc. The game would have to rework the exp system so that it becomes difficult to reach high levels, just so you can always be challenged when entering a new region. Of course fighting in the E4 in all regions, previous game's rivals, being able to revisit some key places like Unknown Dungeon, etc.

No easy mode like what the last games were like, they were so easy I think in Black I had trouble once in my entire play through. Awful, awful...

Maybe make it so your pokemon can die after X amount of fainting to make an interesting difficultly mechanism.

My dream? Hard mode pokemon.

Reality? Games get easier and easier (disappointingly)
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23 / M / Markham Ontario
Posted 1/5/17 , edited 1/6/17
I got an idea for a Pokemon game.

The starter Pokemon final form would end up like this:
Grass/Ghost, Fire/Dragon, Water/Fairy

Grass - Forest Spirit Pokemon
Fire - Flame Dragon Pokemon
Water - Mermaid Pokemon

The region would be based on China

The legendary Pokemon would be based on the Four Symbols.

Azure Dragon - Dragon/Flying
Vermillion Bird - Fire/Flying
White Tiger - Electric/Steel
Black Tortoise - Water/Dragon

These are the Mascot for Pokemon North, East, South, and West Versions, you cannot catch any other of the four beasts in these versions of the game except for the mascot the game represent.

The Final Pokemon will be the Mascot of Pokemon Center Version, which you can catch all five of the Pokemon.

Gold Chimera - Dragon/Ground

The region is said to be the biggest and toughest so far compared to the other regions before, and have a mixed culture from other regions. Mega Stones can also be found here and there are regional variants of other Pokemon here. it is also known as the land of advanced medicine as many people who come here trained to become good doctors to both people and pokemon.
The Player's hometown will be near Centerpoint City, where both the Pokemon lab where you get your Starter Pokemon and Pokemon League are located.
The Eastern Area will be near the sea and various islands are located there as well as a mountain.
The Western Area will be mostly rocky terrain and grass lands.
The Southern Area will be mostly desert and volcanic terrain.
The Northern Area will be mostly Snow covered, Mountainous, and have various lakes located there.
*Region Area ideas still needs working.

Player - Chooses Pokemon

Player's sibling - Gender-swapped version of Player, Chooses the Pokemon in which the Player has the advantage. Tends to have the opposite personality of the Player.

Rival - Chooses the Pokemon, Chooses the Pokemon in which the Player has the disadvantage. The Champion's younger brother who has a superiority/inferiority complex, he considers other trainers weaker than him, but has an honorable side as he considers trainers who misuse pokemon and abandons them worst than scum..

Professor - Studies Pokemon Types, The Rival's Grandfather.

Mom - Lives with the player's younger sister who wishes to follow the player on their journey, but was denied.

Rival's father - A Frontier Brain for the region.

Rival's mother - A Pokemon breeder and acts as assistant for the Professor.

Rival's grandmother - A researcher into Pokemon Fossils

Gyms Leaders
This is the first game where some of the gyms have dual-type specialists, and have connections to Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members from other regions.
#1 - Normal - A farm girl who is a teacher the cousin of Whitney from Johto, have similar personalities. The Gym is a farm that also function as a school.
#2 - Flying - A former pilot turned flight instructor, he taught Skyla from Unova how to fly planes. The gym is located inside the airport.
#3 - Electric/Steel - An inventor who was acquainted with Clement from Kalos. The gym is a robotics factory located near the Amusement Park he built.
#4 - Grass - A florist who is a top-notch coordinator and a good friend of Erika from Kanto. The Gym is a garden where she grew her flowers. Was depressed after being defeated by the rival.
#5 - Rock/Ground - A digger who is an assistant to fossil research who's a cousin of Roark from Sinnoh, and meet Clay while traveling in Unova. The gym is located next to the museum where the research is made.
#6 - Ice/Water - A swimsuit model who is the older sister of Gym Leader #3, friends with Elesa from Unova and Valerie from Kalos who shares her interests, have a calm and cool personality to her siblings.. The gym is a swimming pool with fake icebergs on it.
#7 - Poison - A doctor who research medicine, acquainted with Koga from Kanto. His gym is located inside a Hospital/Pokemon Center where he is the head doctor.
#8 - Fire/Fighting A martial artists who is the eldest sibling to gym leaders #3 and #6, studied under Bruno of Kanto's Elite Four, acquainted with Flannery from Hoenn who shares his same passion, and friends with the Rival's brother who is a member of the Elite Four.

Elite Four
#1 - Bug - A Researcher who's into bug-type Pokemon.
#2 - Ghost/Psychic - An old women who claims to be a witch and practice magic.
#3 - Fairy - A popular well-known idol who has a crush her fellow Elite Four member who is also the Rival's older brother and dreams of marrying him. Has a fan club consists of guys.
#4 - Dragon - The Rival's older brother and younger brother to the Champion, a detective famous for solving cases, worked with the International Police a few times, friends with Looker and Gym Leader #8. Has a fan club consists of girls, which he finds annoying. Has a calm, friendly and gentle personality.

The Rival's eldest brother who is also the CEO of the biggest conglomerate of the region.

Villainous Team
Team Destiny
The group will be based on vigilantes, and the motto is "The ends justified the means".

North - Water
West - Electric
South - Fire
East - Dragon

The champion's dearest friend who is also his business rival who believes that evil must be erased, and that controlling the hearts of people and pokemon is the way to do it. He wears a mask to hide his face and masquerade as the leader of Team Destiny. He has a Zoroark which helps him with his alibi during his absence.

New mechanic
Dual-Type Moves are moves that are considered to be categorized as two types.
Ex. A move where it is considered a dragon type and a fire type.
*Sounds complicated I know.
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Posted 1/6/17 , edited 1/6/17
I hope Qwilfish gets an evolution or at least some kind of new forms, like how Arceus can change types with the plates.
I also want multiple save files to be implemented.
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23 / M / Markham Ontario
Posted 2/2/17 , edited 2/3/17
How about a sequel to Pokemon X and Y, kind of like how they did with Black 2 and White 2. Call them Pokemon X2 and Pokemon Y2

Give Xerneas and Yveltal some upgrade forms like they did with Kyogre and Groudon.

Also just like the first games, players can choose the Kalos and Kanto starters, but this time have the Hoenn starters chosen along with their Mega Stones obtained too.

Mega Stones from X,Y,OR,& AS can be obtained, and also new Mega Stones never before seen with new Mega Evolution.
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23 / M / Markham Ontario
Posted 2/8/17 , edited 3/1/17

Just some revised version of the game.

The game is set in the Dynas region. (The name comes from the word "Dynasty", and the region is based on East Asia, most notably China.)
The geography of the region is like a mirror version of the Kalos region.
The mountains to the west leads to the Kalos region, while the sea to the east leads to the Johto region.
The capital of the Dynas region is CenterPoint city, where the Pokemon League is located in the heart of the city.
The city is divided into five areas:
The Central Area is where the Pokemon League is located,
The East Area is where the Pokemon Lab is located,
The West Area is where the Gym is located,
The North Area is where Poke Corp. and Dynas Group is located,
The South Area is where the Player's home is located.

The Starter Pokemon is as follow:
*All the starter Pokemon are dual-types.

Grass Starter
Firry (pronounce like "Furry") - The Grass Cat Pokemon
Type: Grass/Psychic
Firry lives in places like grasslands and forests where nature thrives and is more in tune with nature than most Pokemon.

Tigrass - The Grass Tiger Pokemon
Type: Grass/Psychic
It is said that Tigrass and communicate with nature and senses something is wrong if nature is threaten. It is fast on its feet and travels great distance to get to places where threats are.

Catninja - The Ninja Pokemon
Type: Grass/Ghost
Catninja can create throwing stars out of leaves and throw them at high speed, it uses the energy in nature to create them. It is fast on its feet. It is also known as the "Guardian Spirit of the Forest" and protects nature from those who cause it ill.

Fire Starter
Salamanrai - The Lizard Pokemon
Type: Fire/Flying
Salamanrai carries a small stick and wield it like a sword. It has sense of justice and doesn't tolerate injustice. It trains everyday in order to gain more power. It can fly, but isn't very fast, it glides using wind currents to gain speed. It is said the Salamandra are an offshoot of Charmander and its evolutionary line.

Samurake - The Samurai Pokemon
Type: Fire/Flying
Salamandrake can fly at great speed now that its wing are bigger, it now carries a wooden sword. It has a sense of bushido and practice with its swordplay during its training.

Salamandragon - The Dragon Pokemon
Type: Fire/Dragon
Salamandragon is also known as the "Dragon Knight", it fight with chivalry and honor. It wears a suit of armor on its entire body and wield a flame sword which can slice through anything and can summon it at anytime it wishes. It can fly at high speed thanks to its wings, which also gives them great speed into attacking.

Water Starter
Aquamer - The Crystal Pokemon
Type: Water/Rock
Aquamer entire body is comprise of gems of different kind, and they have high endurance for their body. They live deep in the ocean floor, their body can produce small gems. But they can only produce them to close friends.

Crystalis - The Cocoon Pokemon
Type: Water/Rock
Crystalis body is inside a round chrysalis which is used for defense against attackers, it rolls the cocoon as transportation in order to get to places. The cocoon serves as a home and shield for it.

Titaniaqua - The Crystal Mermaid Pokemon
Type: Water/Fairy
Titaniaqua is considered the "Ruler of the Water Fairies". It loses its great defense in order to focus on its offense, it can soar high in the sky or swim deep in the water.
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Posted 2/15/17 , edited 2/16/17
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