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Posted 1/12/14 , edited 1/16/14
Here are a few basic rules that apply, and are pretty much common sense:

1. Please be courteous when roleplaying with your fellow members, do not try to kill their character, make a sibling/family character, marrying or anything without discussing it with them first.

2. Absolutely no name calling. (Outside of RP. i.e. if you get angry at their character's action and start calling the other member names.)

3. ABSOLUTELY NO GOD MODDING. This is a semi-realistic post apocalyptic world, your character can not cast magic to heal themselves, be invincible, have super human hearing, sight, smell or reflexes, you're a human for goodness sake. YOU'RE NOT OBLIGATED TO MAKE EVERY ATTACK ON YOUR CHARACTER HIT, BUT MAKE THE FIGHT SEEM BELIEVABLE.

4. Cursing is okay, but please don't litter a sentence with the "f-word" or whatever. Please show some tact when using these words.

5. There is no real character limit, but please try to keep your main characters under a reasonable level. You may have as many side characters as you want, and feel free to kill off one of your main characters to bump a side character to main character status.

6. Since this is supposed to be as realistic as text on a screen can get, your characters are allowed to have sexual relations, get married, have children, and whatever but please don't get too descriptive. You know what I'm talking about, do a time skip or whatever.

7. Do your best to advocate the group if you enjoy it, and if you don't then you're free to leave. Please don't join, make a character, roleplay for a bit and then never come back. Inactive characters and members will be removed to make room for new ones, so please try to be active.

8. Above all, HAVE FUN. If you have any questions, have a problem with a fellow member, have a question about what is allowed, etc. Please don't hesitate to PM me or one of the Mods, we don't bite too hard.
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