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Home to the Smith's Guild, here is where their main factory is located. Creating nearly 80% of the Wasteland's weaponry, the part of town with the furnaces and factories are the most occupied, leaving the other rims ripe pickings for squatters, raiders, prospectors and hunters.

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"It all started here...I hope I can find Shinta here again..." A lone voice whispered in the ruins behind factories and crumbled buildings. Aori shuddered a little fearing that monsters would leap out and rip her apart. She had also heard about Raiders around this area and knowing they took anything they want even women made her more cautious than ever. Almost looking around after every crunch of her footsteps she felt as though she didn't quite belong. Everyone was into bloodshed but she just wanted people to get along with each other. The way she though was that not everything bad to be drugs or killing to get their way or power, but then with her way of thinking it was hard to survive. "S-Shinta? Shinta~?" she called, "Awww...she's not here again...its been years already where are you Shinta?"
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