[Movie] Doomsday
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Posted 1/28/08 , edited 1/29/08


but i'll go ahead & ruin it for you anyways =P

this is a combination of I am Legend+Resident Evil+Underworld

pretty much humankind has create another flaw or catastrophe whatsoever
they try to get rid of it by abandoning it [Resident Evil]
and now they have to go look for the cure [I am Legend]
and it's pretty much a fighting-for-survival movie
everybody dies except for the main character

and then they fought against evil blah blah blah [Underworld]

despite the fact that this is somewhat a replica of those movies i've mentioned...
I still wanna go see this movie
just because..
1. the chick is hot [but i prefer Kate Beckingsale over her anytime]
2. i love movies like these
3. i hope that the movie would prove me wrong

& you can disagree and discuss on it if you want =]

oh. whenever the guy screams "this is the end of the world!"
it reminds me of 300's "this is sparta!!"
lol...this movie reminds me off a lot of the other movies..
but i'm still looking forward to it though ^^

Posted 1/28/08 , edited 1/29/08
omg this i can't wait till this comes out. man it seems like a remake of some movies but oh well this looks pretty damn good. probably a must see movie hit. its i wish it was directed by quetin torentino first cuz i love that guy. he made kill bill and pulp fiction. oh well still a good movie to me
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Posted 10/17/10 , edited 10/17/10
I am disappoint.
I was hoping for a crazy, over-the-top post-apocalyptic madhouse; sadly, Doomsday was dull.
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