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Anime Recommendations

Just a suggestion I think could suffice for now. Since this group is for recommending anime to others, the most efficient for posting up some type of anime list for others is to pick an anime that they may like to watch. Recommended anime don't have to be your favorite anime. This is a place for people to express their opinions on certain anime in general. Many people have different tastes for which genre of anime they enjoy watching. Here, you can provide any anime for others to watch (even gateway which sometimes goes along the line of cartoons). Okay now guidelines and rules for this.

1. List the anime that you want to recommend to members or people who visit the group.
2. List an overview of the anime (either in your own words or from a passage.
3. Write your opinion on the anime. Try to give some positives and negatives. (you don't have to write a professional review or anything like that. You just have to give some type of opinion on it.)
4. Anything you want to put after including but not limited to images, episode length, ratings, similar anime, where to find anime, etc.


The Organization's Primary Rule: No spoilers unless they are posted in brackets such as these:

Violators of the organization's primary rule will be banned, regardless of who you are, member or moderator.

1. Try to make your post understandable.
2. Don't hate on anyone's recommendation, it's their opinion. No constructive criticism either for the sake of honoring this rule.
3. Even if someone posts your choice of recommended anime, you can do a recommendation on it the more the merrier.

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I'll start out with one of my own favorites, just to get us rolling.

Code Geass -- this anime is simply brilliant in its own way. When it comes to creating a show based around mecha, you assume there will be a lot of fighting and not much else. Beyond the fight you usually expect a little bit of plot, but nothing amazing. With this anime: THINK AGAIN! Code Geass is the brilliance of taking tactical and strategic mecha oriented show, combining it with an excellently placed supernatural theme, and placing a brilliant, yet morally conflicted former prince into the mix of it all, you basically get the formula for sheer brilliance.

Lelouch defines one of the greatest kinds of antihero characters presented into anime and the overall show is not only extremely complex and well thought out, but is also trilling and engaging; it also never fails to always leave something thought-provoking or just plain epic in its wake. Sometimes, the bits of fanservice (which is scattered and scarce) might be annoying in a few instances, but it is such a minute part of the anime it doesn't really matter.

If you like 50 episode anime, this is also a good series to get invested in, but only partake in it if you have the time to watch it and the investment. This show will pay you back in spades from the first episode in and you won't want to stop watching.

The only issue with Code Geass is the availability. Sure, you can get the sub on here for Crunchyroll, but this is one of the few anime casts where the dub is so good that you have to see the English cast, especially with Johnny Yong Bosch (who played Rossiu in Gurren Lagann and Ichigo in Bleach, etc) playing Lelouch and Yuri Lowenthal (who plays Simon in Gurran Lagann and Barnaby in Tiger and Bunny, etc) playing Suzaku) who both did commendable jobs.

Getting Code Geass R2, or its second and final season, is even more difficult, and so by making this review, I am saying one thing: buy the box sets. It is worth the money and worth getting the dub because this anime is truly a masterpiece. I understand anime is expensive and you might not want to be experimenting with an anime by immediately buying the merchandise, but Code Geass is an anime legend and deserves to be watched as it should be watched: in full with the dub. it is essential to the anime viewing experience, no questions asked.

And with that, the very first recommendation has been made!
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Posted 1/20/14 , edited 1/20/14
Hey! I'll be posting my second recommendation, an old review I posted that I felt did it's job pretty well. This time, I will be reviewing "The World God Only Knows".

Most people might look at this and think "oh, this is going to just be another generic supernatural piece. They couldn't be anymore wrong. Now, I will admit, I read the manga, which is much further ahead than the anime, and with the release of season 3, there was much material that needed to be skipped or we would not reach that is probably the best part of this entire series. Here's what I can give you without spoiling anything: Keima is a heavy gamer who is referred to on the internet as "The God of Conquest" and is dedicated to his lifestyle of games. However, when he signs a contract on accident with Hell, his ability to "conquer" any girl will be forcibly put to the test in real life, with the intent to release loose spirits from these girls and ultimately save them from being consumed by negative emotions. Oh yeah, and if he fails, then his head gets cut off.

That said, Keima is a very original character. His point of view of the "3D world" is cynical, his interest in girls in real life is nonexistent, and yet when he is put to the test, his true nature is slowly revealed with each trial he faces. This anime, with it's third season rapidly approaching, slowly pays off as you get attached to him, the cast of lovable, unique, and flavorful characters that he encounters at every turn, and even as you get absorbed into the plot. This cheerful comedy/romance will have you laughing with references to otaku lifestyle as well as smile warmly at the romantic moments between each unique heroine.

Since I've read the manga, I can also guarantee that the plot does thicken and even gets thrilling, and this will really show within Season 3, known as "The Goddess Arc". I'll also say that as amazing as the first two seasons are, and they are crucial for developing the characters, this story really exploits it's true potential later on, and if you're patient enough to watch until then, I can definitely say this will be among one of your favorite anime, hands down.

I hope you enjoy this anime as much as I did, and if you want to check out the manga -- which has 237 and ongoing chapters of TWGOK and is much further ahead than the anime -- here's the link:

I recommend reading the manga too, especially since there was some plot skipped over between Seasons 2 and 3. It is worth the trouble and you'll have a lot of fun reading it.

And with that, I have completed the second installment for this page. i hope this has helped!
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Posted 1/20/14 , edited 2/1/14
Fullmetal Alchemist / Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Before I say anything I just want to say that this is one of my favourite anime ever. I've only found one or two shows that can hold a torch to it. But this is just my opinion! READ ON PEOPLE!

Now I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of this show, and I'm also sure most of you have watched it. But if you haven't I'm telling you - drop whatever you're doing and watch this show right now. It's 64 episodes and its a great way of relaxing. The show has great pacing and a tantilizing theme set in 20th century Europe. It's not you're average shonen and its heavily based around it's plot and theme.

Fullmetal Alchemist is, in a way, unique. It is very much a mainstream series, with the appeal of a huge cast of unique characters, action that commonly involves special powers, a fairly straight forward story with some mostly obvious symbolism, and a mix of comedy, action, drama, and even some romance. These are all common staples of long running anime series that lean towards a more commercial and public appeal. And yet, for a mainstream series, it manages to continually surprise with a very mature and serious tone. There is a great deal of tragedy and some moments are even frightening and memorable. Few series achieve such a perfect balance of mainstream entertainment and gut wrenching drama and tragedy.

Below is a basic outline of the plot! (IT IS NOT A MAJOR SPOILER) it just states what the plot is about. I suggest you read this before you watch the show if you want to know what it's about.

Now I want to talk about the two shows more. The first series in 2003 followed the manga to an extent but then took a detour into a spin-off. The 2009 series named Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the complete adaptation of the manga into the anime so I suggest you watch Brotherhood. Although both series' are amazing the 2003 one is a more dark theme that is more centered around the main character while the 2009 series is more comedic but has a much more understandable plot with more unique characters and in my opinion it is just better overall.

Now before I provide the links for the show, I suggest watching in DUB. Now I know that a lot of you like to watch anime in SUB but I can say for a fact that this is one of those shows where the dub is most likely more popular than the sub.

Although the series is not available on Crunchyroll; you can watch it here in HD without ads for free!

2003 series (dub)
2003 series (sub)
2009 series (dub)
2009 series (sub)

If you don't like anime and prefer manga you can read it here!

If you enjoy the show, just send me a guestbook message and we can talk about it! I love to discuss anime so just add me if you want to chat.
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Posted 1/21/14 , edited 1/21/14
Log Horizon Review

Many people look at this anime and think, "they're just copying SAO," but that's just a surface view of this great anime. The depth of Log Horizon lies in its plot. This is what separates Log Horizon from SAO. It is a distinguished anime that stands on its own. Unlike SAO, the plot focuses mainly on the problems the "adventurers" face as they try to escape the world of Elder Tale, the game in which they are trapped. Through these issues, Log Horizon defines itself separate from the other MMO anime such as Accel World and Sword Art Online.

Like SAO, the story begins when the players log in and cannot log back out. Without the pressure of real death, pking, a term used to describe the killing of other players, became prominent in the land of Elder Tale. The objective of Shiroe, the main character, is to create order within the world and make it enjoyable for everyone.

Now the characters. The different characters that are presented throughout the anime provide us with distinguished character development. The many introductions make the anime better than just the plot. The characters themselves advance the plot, which wasn't shown in the MMO of SAO. Viewers get to see what a MMO really is with the many developments in the plot, dialogue, and descriptions. This anime incorporates action, suspense, adventure, mystery, and drama into all of its components that make this anime great.

If you liked SAO for its plot and characters, this might be a great anime to watch. In my opinion, it rivals SAO and Accel World as an awesome anime.

Episodes currently: 16
Episodes to be released: 25

If you have any questions ask me. If you have any concerns about my review, pm me.
Posted 1/21/14 , edited 1/21/14
Umm... I'll try one out too, then.

Angel Beats Review

This anime is very underrated, and not a lot of people have tried it out. They usually skim by it without a thought, but what really is in this anime will have you laughing your lungs out and crying at the same time.

Otonashi (The main character) awakens only to learn he is dead. A girl holding a rifle quickly tells him they're in the afterlife because they're dead. She starts talking about this and that, and the story continues.

The beginning, which could develop into some thriller or horror story, turned out to be an action story with major elements of comedy. As you watch more episodes you start to see the characters struggling to come to amends with their unfair lives before they died.

As you hear them talk about their lives, you start to reflect upon your own along the way. Its the type of anime that makes you think weeks after it ends. So be ready to think a lot afterwards.

Everything has a flaw, right? A lot of people will make complaints that anime was too short and did not reveal all characters properly. But if you enjoyed it as much as I did, I would look past this and enjoy it again and again.

Just to throw it in there, here is something that I couldn't say better myself:

"Love is not what two people feel to each other. Love is not what mother or father feels for the child and what he feels for them. Love is not what person feels to his brothers and sisters. Love is all above and yet more. It is an affection and sympathy to all people through yourself and person you call beloved. It is feeling compassion and forgiving. A dream of being forgiven came true. A feeling of being strong in your weakness. Your strongest connection to this seemingly cruel and meaningless world and life. Angel Beats truly shows and gives its viewer the best feeling in the world."

Sound: 10
Overall: 10
Characters: 10
Enjoyment: 10

Would you re-watch it? Yes!

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Posted 1/26/14 , edited 2/1/14
Hunter × Hunter

Depending on what type of shows you watch, you've probably heard of this show. It's normally right after Naruto Shippuden in popularity here on CR and for good reason too!

Hunter x Hunter is the story of a boy named Gon who is 12 years old. His dream is to become a "hunter" like his father Ging did. Gon wants to find out why his father abandoned him at childhood and became a hunter instead. This is the dream he sets off to pursue.

He meets the other main characters of the show: the dueteragonist, Killua and the tritagonists Leorio and Kurapika. Together they all take the hunter exam in the hope of fulfilling their dreams.

Hunter x Hunter has very good pacing and character development for an incomplete series. In terms of character development it is almost on par with Naruto. Gon is only 12 which means he is normally always outclassed by his opponents because they are older than him. However he is a prodigy and through this he trains in many new ways to become stronger so he can find his dad.

The show is very consistent in it's delivery. A battle can go on for a long time or it can be just dialogue for a few episodes.

In terms of powers Hunter x Hunter's main power is PURE AWESOME SAUCE (although I won't spoil it for you) because of this the show makes for many exciting battles and it also contains quite a bit of blood and gore which WE ALL GOTTA LOVE!

Now I want to talk about the two different shows (I'm pretty sure I did this in my last review LOL)

Hunter x Hunter was originally made into an anime in 1999 however due to lack of content to continue it had to stop at the end of the shows Greed Island arc. In 2011 a reboot was made that was visually stunning (although it was a bit faster than the original) it still retained it's great pacing and character development. Out of the two I can say 2011 is more enjoyable while 1999 is more comedic. The 2011 series is still ongoing so I recommend watching that.

Overall I give this show a 9/10, which in my book is really good for a long running shonen series like Hunter x Hunter.

The anime is currently being streamed on CR so you can watch it here. I don't recommend reading the manga because you see, the writer has some series issues with laziness. He likes to take 2 year hiatus' whenever he feels like it (I'M NOT KIDDDING). Apart from that the show is a must watch for any shonen lover.

Before I leave off I just want to say, if anyone has watched Yu Yu Hakusho you will probably like this show because it was written by the same manga artist.

1999 series
2011 series
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Posted 1/27/14 , edited 1/30/14

Durarara!! is a story of a boy, Mikado Ryūgamine, who moves from a rural area to Ikebukuro, Tokyo to attend Raira Academy, a school where his childhood friend, Masaomi Kida attends. Luckily for all of you, this is not another classroom anime. Instead this anime focuses on the development of a wide variety of characters, as can be seen in the picture above. The story mostly takes place on the streets of Ikebukuro, where gang activity is pretty common. Kida is showing Mikado around the city, who is very excited to break away from the typical everyday life that he was used to. The wikipedia page states quite perfectly that Kida "warns Mikado about people he doesn't want to cross in the city, such as the violent and superhumanly strong man Shizuo Heiwajima, the information broker Izaya Orihara, and the mysterious gang known as 'The Dollars'."

It is these very people which make the show so entertaining to watch. Sure, there are often flashy and hilarious fights between characters, but when it comes down to it I felt like I kept wanting to watch the show because I wanted to get to know these characters even better.
MIkado meets these characters one by one and their stories start to intertwine, despite Kida's warning not to get near Izaya or Shizou. Example in gif.

Furthermore, the series adds an exciting touch of supernatural/fantasy to the story by introducing the "Black Rider," a local legend who rides around on a motorcycle that cries like a horse and supposedly has no head. The artistic direction even makes this supernatural being seem almost real and entirely plausible by placing it in an urban sprawl surrounded by everyday life.

After two great seasons of this show, I felt entirely connected to these characters and even though I had to say goodbye, I was happy that I got to accompany them on their adventures in Ikebukuro.

Animation: 7 - This anime was made in 2010 and didn't seem to have a huge budget so the animation is amazingly gorgeous. I had no qualms with the production value and thoroughly enjoyed the artistic directed, but if you are expecting Hayou Miyazaki quality you are going to be disappointed.

Story: 7 - I found the story compelling and I just couldn't stop watching episode after episode, but the creativeness in the plot isn't the best I have ever seen. This anime focuses more on character building and providing you with episodes that you can sit back and simply enjoy. Although I really enjoyed the plot, it wasn't blowing my mind every episode like FMA: Brotherhood did.

Character Development: 10 - This is really what sells this anime. To be short and to the point, you feel like these guys are your friends by the end of the series. This show does a spectacular job of having you get to know the characters, what they are thinking, and how they feel.

Soundtrack: 9 - The soundtrack is excellent in this anime. They play the right songs at the right time. Oh and I always get the opening for the second season stuck in my head.

Voice Acting: 8 - Although I'm not an expert on what to and what not to look for in voice acting, I enjoyed the voice acting in this series. I felt that the accurately portrayed the character emotions. None of the acting was over-the-top, which personally, I generally dislike when implemented in anime.

Although this isn't my all time favourite anime, it is one of the ones that is freshest in my mind, so I feel most comfortable writing a review for it. This show is featured in its entirety on crunchyroll and I will post the link below. I had a lot of fun with this anime and I hope you do too. I definitely rate this as a "must see" for anyone who enjoys character development, coming of age stories, or slice of life anime and further a definitive recommendation to everyone else. Thanks for reading this review and let me know what you think!

CR link:
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Posted 2/1/14 , edited 2/1/14
Clannad / Clannad: After Story

I laughed...
I cried...
I experienced something that changed my life...

Clannad [23 episodes] follows Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent, who has a tendency to skip lessons a lot. One day on his way to school he meets a strange girl (Nagisa Furukawa) saying strange things, he decides to walk to school with her. After a few meetings he learns she wants to revive the drama club so Tomoya decides to help her with the help from a large cast of other strange friends.

A truly heart-warming show, based around romance and school. Clannad is delivered excellently, the show has incredible pacing. Taking things slow and sometimes so fast that it will make your heart skip a beat. Focusing around a delinquent who has nothing to live for, but by meeting a girl he makes friends and soon realises that life is something that is worth living for.

Each character is unique in their own way, having their own set of problems and connections with each other. By coming together they help each other solve their problems and in turn grow closer. Because of this factor the story is hugely focused around romance and tragedy with a taste of the supernatural.

Being followed up by its sequel, Clannad: After Story [24 episodes] the show grows a lot deeper into romance and tragedy. This makes for an exciting but heart-breaking season.

(It is widely known to be one of the most tragic and saddest anime of all time so be warned... YOU WILL CRY!)

If I have one thing to say about Clannad, it's that although it doesn't have many things that make it stand out like other anime. It has this X Factor that you will only realise by watching it. I don't hesitate to proclaim it one of the best anime I have EVER SEEN (and I've seen a fair lot).

I can guarantee you that by watching this show, you will find something else within the show. It's only 47 episodes which isn't much. So I really recommend watching it.

I believe a review can't express the show. I feel that you have watch it to know what it's about, so this is all I can give you for now.

Clannad (SUB)
Clannad (DUB)
Clannad: After Story (SUB)
Clannad: After Story (DUB)
Clannad Movie

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Posted 2/11/14 , edited 2/11/14
Yuru Yuri

In the most rudimentary overview of this anime, you'd probably believe that this is Yuri. In a sense it is, but that doesn't explain the best aspects of Yuru Yuri. Yuru Yuri is a comedy, splice of life, and Yuri anime. Every episode is a new extraordinary experience to watch. Every character is unique to their own personalities. It varies from quiet, reserved types to energetic, outgoing characters. If you're fine with mild Yuri, this is a perfect opportunity to be able to laugh at the many comical events that occur throughout the anime. Even though there's not much character development, the series never gets old. The episodes make every minute interesting to the end. Even though the anime style lacks, each characters' interactions is an extension of the anime. If you're looking for something that can entertain 24 minutes, this is the perfect anime to just watch.

Rating: 6.8
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Posted 2/27/14 , edited 2/27/14
Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions/ Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shita

Animation: (1) (.9)
Characters: (1.5) (1.3)
Audience: (2) ( 1.9)
Development: (1.5) (1.5)
Plot: (3) (2)
Ending: (1) (1)
Music: +.3
Impersonations: +.1
1 mistake in characters


Yesterday, I finished an awesome anime, Chunibyo. This anime is very original. It has comedy, supernatural, romance, and drama genres all in 12 episodes. You'd think it would be just random due to it being generally a comedy, but it blends these elements together to produce a harmonious almost perfect masterpiece of humorous moments and heartbreaking scenes. It mainly revolves around its comedy genre though. At one point, I swear, it seemed a little like a parody on one episode, but anyway. This anime has such great episodes.

The plot is very interesting, that goes well with the anime genre. We follow the main character, Yuta, who seems like the average person, but that first impression changes after a girl, Rika, almost reveals his past, as a Chunibyo, a person who believes they have supernatural powers. This girl, Rita, completely changes Yuta's life. Through the eyes of chunibyos, the anime develops one of the best of characters, plots, and endings.
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Posted 3/31/14 , edited 3/31/14
Anohana Review

I thought Anohana was seriously a very great anime; most of its virtues win over its vices.

Anohana is about how Jintan, now a shut-in, gathering his former friends to fulfill a dead former friend's wish. The story revolves around how one person's existence affects the lives of the friends and family in the future. It hits upon the points of how one's undying wish can bring people together once again.

Anohana launches off with passion with interesting, unique characters such as Menma, Jintan, and Aru. The characters after their introduction create great memorable individualism that distinguish each person as their own. Every person in the anime isn't unnecessary either. Even the characters that only appear once or twice bring characterization, perspective, plot, or background to the anime. The anime is mostly straightforward in its storyline, which provides great joyful and heartbreaking moments throughout Anohana. The anime also creates the right atmosphere for each of the scenes: the voice actors, the animation, the art style, the scenery, all create such a great scene that viewers can relate to based on their own experiences. Resonating with the anime's audience or to their likes and dislikes, is the perfect way to make an anime great. That's what Anohana does. All the characters provide the audience with interpretations of how humans feel about companionship, romance, and loss. These 3 elements are key to why Anohana is an awesome anime.

The actual plot wasn't enough, since the troubles of doing something like this to fulfill a wish, wouldn't proceed in such a short period of time by episode length. Since I watched Little Busters, it kinda gave me a visual on how long it would actually take for a wish to actually come true. 11 episodes wasn't enough. Also there was very little emphasis on side characters even though it was supposed to be about 6 friends coming back together because of a single wish. This led to a lower rating. The anime also didn't have enough of the romantic element that it was putting much buildup on. The end result of that weakness made it too simple, too rushed, too forthright. Furthermore, I thought that the key theme of companionship was lacking in this anime. It seemed it was also suddenly rushed into the story near the end. Yeah sure it had moments when they were all together, but it didn't show companionship, friendship, reliance, and trust in those moments. Instead there were quarrels. This advanced the plot and the characters' personality traits, but it didn't show any of the background of these characters, just maybe flashbacks when the incident occurred.

But regardless of these flaws, Anohana projects itself as an awesome anime. I would seriously recommend this spectacular anime to all serious anime watchers. It's an anime one needs to watch fully in their lifetime.
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