My Visualizations of future SAO anime seasons
Posted 1/15/14 , edited 1/16/14
This is MY idea of how things MIGHT work for each Arc of the Light Novel when it's animated.
These are just MY IDEAS and how I see it COULD happen. So PLEASE DON'T GET MAD or start cussing! THANKS!!!
For arguments sake; I'm just going to assume that each anime, that the creators animated, is a season.
SAO is the name of the WHOLE series. Each story/arc inside SAO is it's own online world.
I'm also assuming each season will have at least 25 eps.
Here goes!

Season 1: (25 episodes)
Anicrad Arc (aka SAO) (episodes 1-14)
Fairy Dance Arc (episodes 15-25)

Season 2: (at LEAST 25 episodes)
Phantom Bullet Arc (aka Gun Gale Online) (episodes 1-25)
I THINK Phantom Bullet will be on it's own and not divided like SAO Arc.

Season 3: (at LEAST 25 episodes)
Mother's Rosario Arc (episodes 1-12)
Early and Late Arc (episodes 13-25)

Season 4: (at LEAST 25 episodes)
Alicization Arc (episodes 1-25)

Though another idea I have is this:

Season 4: (at LEAST 25 episodes)
Alicization Arc part 1 (episodes 1-25)

Season 5: (at LEAST 25 episodes)
Alicization Arc part 2 (episodes 1-25)

The reason why Alicization MIGHT be split in two parts is cause the Alicization Arc is the LONGEST Arc in the WHOLE SAO series. The Alicization Arc is 5 volumes long.

These are just MY guesses. I THINK it would be interesting if this is how they do the SAO series!
Tell me what you guys think and/or YOUR ideas on how each season will work.

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Posted 1/15/14 , edited 1/16/14
I think you might be spot about this...I differently hope that the "Phantom Bullet" Arc of GGO gets 25 episodes...Lets hope!
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