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Post Reply You want DVD style extras on Crunchyroll?
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Posted 1/16/14 , edited 1/16/14
I really enjoy the voice cast and director interviews you get on some DVDs.

I remember one it may have been Mamoru Oshii for the Patlabor movie. He was wearing a jumper (sweater in American) with a picture of a dog on it. But the dog picture blinked every now and again. Strange and fascinating people. Also i want that jumper.
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Posted 1/17/14 , edited 1/18/14
I'd want DVD extra's too... But sadly, what would be the point in buying the DVDs? (in the business aspect)
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Posted 1/18/14 , edited 1/18/14
I'd have to say I'm on the other side of the coin: I hate DVD extras and feel they are a bloat and a pox upon humanity (except for the occasional OVA).

I'd rather see Crunchyroll focus their bandwidth resources on licensing more OVAs, anime movies, and filling out their back-catalog. Cast interviews, lame out-takes which are almost never funny, and other useless filler bits-n-bobs are better left on DVDs where thousands of people aren't competing for limited network bandwidth.

Now if someone wanted to launch a separate website like CR but focused on nothing except streaming DVD extras, I'd be all for it. I simply don't want to see CR attempt to do too much and then have to shut down because they are stretched too thin.

My .02 cents.

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