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Should there be a Season 3 in Vampire Knight

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Posted 12/6/14 , edited 12/6/14
I would cry if they left the series hanging like that... It happens to all my favorite animes
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Posted 12/24/14 , edited 12/25/14

shugo_chara_rocks_11 wrote:

Yes. Yes Yes Yes. I just think it's because there was so much potential the show had. Until the manga messed it all up. Honestly, if you haven't read it, don't read after where the show ends. It's not too interesting (from my point of view) . That's all I'll say. Here's things that could have happened:

- the girl could have became a vampire. Became a bad-ass super-strong vamp queen or whatevers. And over thrown the stupid senate and made her own MONARCH!
- the girl could have gotten married or at least gone out with somebody. (I hope Zero.)

So much potential wasted. But if they bring it back amazingly, I will be one of the biggest fans~

I agree. The manga was not such a satisfying ending. I also found Kaito to be very interesting, they should do more with him or show some of his back story, and Sayori's. They could even add some other supernatural characters to the story. Why haven't I found any anime with werewolves in it? Other than Dance in the Vampire Bund, which I didn't care too much for..
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Posted 12/25/14 , edited 12/25/14
That's true but what can we do, right?
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