•ANIME Alliance Rules and Regulations•
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Posted 1/17/14 , edited 1/21/14
This is the group's official Rules & Regulations. These are the laws that must be followed on every thread in the forums. All members should read this, but it is not mandatory. All members shall abide by these laws or shall face the wrath of the Punishment System.

Rules & Regulations:

The Organization's Primary Rule: No spoilers unless
they are posted in brackets such as these:

1. Do not post whatever you please. This includes creating personal threads without authorization and posting things not relevant to the thread itself.
2. It is expected that ALL rules handed down by Crunchyroll be respected here and any form of harassment or bullying be reported. Any violators will undergo the punishment systems and will be BANNED once you've been given three warnings.
Any rules in the threads of the forum shall be followed in addition to these rules.
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